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Investment management at SPIE – growth needs an overview

SPIE Germany & Central Europe is on course for growth. The company is one of the market leaders in technical services in buildings, plants and infrastructures. In order to further expand its range of services, SPIE continuously acquires companies that fit its portfolio of offerings. For several months now, otris corporate has been simplifying the management and control of the group’s holdings.

Investment management at SPIE

Investment management at SPIE Germany & Central Europe requires an overview: 57 subsidiaries and minority interests are integrated into the Group (as of 07/2020). And new companies are being added all the time. Before the introduction of the special software otris corporate, the legal department used various Office programmes to map the corporate structure, contractual relationships and appointments to committees. The associated corporate documents (e.g. excerpts from the commercial register, minutes of meetings, control agreements) were stored on another system.

According to Tanja Nieswandt (legal officer at SPIE), the administration of the shareholdings had worked in this way, but “with each new company we added, we became more aware that we needed a system that simplified the overview and processing of transactions and thus relieved the team”.

Requirements and selection
One of the most important requirements for the new solution: all data and documents should be on one central system, uniformly structured and easily searchable. The holistic approach should improve the transparency of all corporate and commercial law documents as well as visualise the interconnections of the participation structure. Another goal: uncomplicated cooperation between relevant central departments as well as auditors. After a market research, selection process and test phase, the decision was made in favour of otris corporate. “There were several reasons why we chose otris corporate. Among other things, we liked the fact that it is so easy to use that all authorised employees can use the system,” explains Tanja Nieswandt. In addition, the software standard already covers many basic requirements – the customising effort was therefore manageable.

„What we like about otris corporate is how easy it is to use. This means that all authorised employees can use the system.“

Tanja Nieswandt
Legal Officer at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa GmbH

Implementation and use
After adapting to the company-specific structures and processes, otris-Consulting installed the solution in the SPIE IT environment. The differentiated authorisation concept now makes it possible to achieve what was not possible with the predecessor system developed in-house: a larger group of users can be included without individual employees gaining access to information that is not intended for them.

The special software means time savings in searching, managing and filing documents. The central approach simplifies the maintenance of data: the single storage location prevents questions about up-to-dateness that inevitably arise when different versions of a document are stored in different places in the company. Another benefit is the uncomplicated creation of reports.

“With otris corporate, it has become easier to research data and combine it into structured overviews. The improvement in reporting efficiency was very important for us,” explains Tanja Nieswandt.

At present, one employee is responsible for entering all relevant corporate documents into the system. New user accounts are gradually being set up. In the medium term, at least one user per central department should have read access to the data and documents relevant to him. In the long term, the integration of the French parent company is planned in order to further simplify the complex reporting tasks. Tanja Nieswandt is optimistic about the future: “otris corporate offers a variety of possibilities that will also help us to become more efficient in future tasks”.

Investment management at SPIE

About SPIE
SPIE’s history dates back to 1900: the company was founded to ensure the electrification of the Paris Metro (SPIE stands for Société Parisienne pour l’Industrie Electrique). In recent years, SPIE has continuously developed and is now the independent European market leader for multi-technical services in the fields of energy and communication. Since 2013 SPIE has been pursuing a consistent growth strategy in Germany and Central Europe. The company has expanded its range of services, further developed its competence profile as a leading technical service provider and strengthened its local presence. Today, SPIE employs around 15,000 people in Germany, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. In total, the SPIE Group employs around 47,200 people.

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