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Customers and references

On the basis of competence, reliability and Trust, we have been working intensively with most of our customers for years. With these reference reports you can get an idea of which projects we have already realized in the most already realized in a wide variety of industries.
Investment management at SPIE

SPIE Germany & Central Europe is on course for growth. For several months now, otris corporate has been simplifying the administration and management of the group’s holdings.

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Group-wide transparency on contracts and corporate documents

With the introduction of otris software for the management of contracts and corporate documents, Vibracoustic has managed a group-wide IT project. The company benefits from increased transparency and streamlined processes.

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Group-wide contract management at Deichmann

More than 100 years ago, Deichmann was a small shoemaker’s shop in Essen-Borbeck. Today, the company is a prospering global corporation that is active in 30 countries. Digitalisation helps companies with administration. A successful digitalisation project at Deichmann SE: the introduction of the contract management software otris contract.

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Digital contract management in a traditional company

Em-eukal, Rheila or aecht Bayrischer Blockmalz – many people have known Soldan’s sweet products since childhood. Reasons for the success include: high-quality products, a strong brand image, but also the continuous further development of all business processes in the 120-year history of the company. Digitalisation plays a central role in the current process optimisation in contract management.

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BORA automates contract management

BORA is a pioneer and trailblazer of the system with which cooking vapours are extracted downwards instead of upwards. A significant constant and at the same time important basis for the company’s success has been the advancement of technical innovations. A successful digitalisation project of the legal department is the automation in contract management.

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Simplify IFRS 16 conversion with otris software

Companies that prepare their accounts in accordance with IFRS must currently implement far-reaching changes in their finance and accounting systems: The new IFRS 16 standard changes the requirements for the valuation of leases.

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Group data protection with security

Data protection in an international group is a challenge. Subsidiaries that operate globally are subject to different data protection laws. Since the beginning of 2018, Evonik has been using the central otris privacy system to organise data protection management within the group.

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