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System change in contract management

Accumotive in Kamenz is one of the most modern and largest battery factories in the global automotive industry. The wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG has been using otris software for digital contract management for several months now.

System change in contract management

Even before the introduction of otris contract, Deutsche Accumotive GmbH & Co. KG was already using a digital contract management system. But as the number of contracts grew and the complexity of the contractual relationships increased, so did the demands on the contract management software.

“The previous system was not very flexible. Configurations that were important to us could not be implemented easily – that’s why we contacted otris,” Yvonne Hürrig (Legal Department Deutsche Accumotive) explains the motivation for the system change.

Audit-proof storage and simple search
At the top of Deutsche Accumotive’s list of priorities was the requirement to store and archive digital contract files in an audit-proof manner. Important in this context: the digital files should not only be stored securely, but should also be easy and quick to find. For this purpose, otris contract offers an easy-to-use search function and a wide range of filter functions. On the other hand, an OCR extension facilitates the search: the contents of the scanned documents (e.g. contracts) are searchable by means of full text indexing. A search is thus not limited to file indexing and metadata, but also allows a global search of the contents of all documents in the digital files.

„The basic functions can be understood immediately and without extensive training, the interface is clear and tidy.“

Yvonne Hürrig
Legal Department Deutsche Accumotive GmbH & Co. KG

Keep an eye on deadlines.
A missed notice period that leads to an unwanted contract extension can cause high costs. Keeping an eye on the notice periods also makes sense in order to renegotiate or renegotiate with the contractual partners at the right time. “The deadline management in otris contract has convinced us. We have now implemented an escalation workflow with which we implement secure monitoring,” explains Yvonne Hürrig. otris contract informs the responsible employee about an upcoming deadline. If the employee does not react, other employees are notified according to a predefined procedure.

Not only the legal department, but almost all departments at Deutsche Accumotive work directly or indirectly with contracts. An elementary requirement for the new contract management software was therefore that employees outside the legal department should also be able to access the system. However: not every employee is allowed to see every contract. “With otris contract, we can control access rights. We have systematically defined for each contract type which employee groups have read or write access,” explains Yvonne Hürrig. The software is used via the browser – this enables fast deployment and location-independent access (no local installation necessary). An interface to the existing staff administration simplifies the maintenance of user and access rights.

Many employees who are not directly involved in contract management only use otris contract for occasional information research.

Since the software is based on usability and design principles of common systems – such as Microsoft Outlook – it is easy for even occasional users to find their way around. “The basic functions can be understood immediately and without extensive training,” says Yvonne Hürrig. “The otris contract interface is clear and tidy”.

Data import
Whether replacing a legacy system with a new system is straightforward depends on many factors. Among other things, whether the format and structure of the data and documents from the existing system can be easily prepared for import into the new system. “I didn’t imagine the transfer of our already digitised contract files from the old to the new system to be so complicated,” Yvonne Hürrig recalls. “But now that everything is working as it should, I can say that the effort was worth it.”

Three requirements were high on the priority list of Deutsche Accumotive GmbH & Co. KG: The digital contract management system was to provide secure contract storage, easy information research and reliable deadline control. In order to implement further individualisations of the system and to simplify its operation, the company replaced the existing system with otris contract. Exporting, preparing and importing the existing digital contract files was time-consuming but worthwhile: “The system meets our requirements and also offers occasional users an easy way to find out about concluded contracts,” Yvonne Hürrig sums up.

Deutsche Accumotive GmbH & Co. KG
With the production of highly efficient lithium-ion batteries, Deutsche Accumotive GmbH & Co. KG is at the heart of the Mercedes-Benz electric offensive and, together with colleagues in the global powertrain network, supports the fulfilment of Mercedes-Benz Cars’ ambitious electrification plans.

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