Governance, risk management, compliance... it's a lot to keep an eye on.

Compliance software simplifies compliance with laws and regulations in your company

Carry out your policy management with otris compliance: Establish company-wide guidelines and regulations, documented in a traceable way in a central regulatory framework. A complete representation of all GRC measures and processes means that risks and irregularities are detected more quickly and ensures conformity with the regulations. otris compliance can be quickly and easily adapted to meet your company’s requirements.

On the one hand, compliance stands for the observation of laws and prevents slush funds, corruption or exploitation. On the other hand, compliance focuses on fulfilling the ethical standards and requirements set by a company, which can go far beyond the scope of statutory regulations. Examples of these standards can include forms of cooperation with business partners, the behaviour of employees towards one another or sustainability-oriented production. When it comes to compliance violations, the amount of the fines can assume gigantic proportions and threaten the existence of entire companies. However, it’s not just the company itself but also corporate bodies, managers and employees who are at risk of exposing themselves to penalties and having to pay damages.

With otris compliance, all the relevant GRC information, reports and documents are classified by topic, assigned the necessary authorisation rights and continuously monitored for timeliness and completeness. Regular reports, clearly structured lists and interactive charts support both the management and the operational units in assuming their corporate governance and compliance responsibilities. Using an easily configurable structure, company-specific compliance issues such as data protection, occupational safety, crisis management or fire protection can be represented and monitored efficiently.  otris compliance can be quickly and easily adapted to meet your company’s requirements and processes.

„With otris compliance we can quickly retrieve our stock of documents in a clearly structured way.“

Nils Langemann
Compliance Consultant at MAST-Jägermeister SE

otris compliance at a glance

  • Company-specific catalogue of topics with all the necessary corporate governance and compliance information
  • Documentation of all legally and voluntarily required documents
  • Complete archiving of all data
  • Overview of all corporate governance and compliance documents, dates and deadlines
  • All GRC documents classified by topic
  • Stock of documents monitored for completeness
  • Schedule tracking
  • Individual illustration of responsibilities, legal grounds, internal regulations and provisions for each compliance issue
  • Reports, schedule tracking and overview pages to check the timeliness of the information
  • Evaluations for management level
  • Interactive charts
  • Comprehensive research functions
  • Full-text indexing
  • Topic, document and person-related authorisation concept
  • Flexible and economic licensing model
  • Interfaces are available to ERP, CRM or other systems
  • Individual modifications are available, tailored to meet our customers’ needs

otris compliance will support you in achieving your objectives

Corporate governance
An essential objective within corporate management is to ensure the existing corporate governance is sustained and documented. Special software solutions such as otris compliance can assist in implementing these objectives. The basis within otris compliance forms a company-specific catalogue of corporate governance topics that is tailored to meet your company’s needs. The allocation and storage of all information related to corporate governance – in the form of documents or reports, for example – is carried out using the compiled tree diagram that is classified by topic.

The categorisation can be based on different prioritisations:

  • Based on operational management (such as financial reporting, risk reporting and insurance overviews)
  • Based on strategic management (such as the mission statement, management principles and strategic planning)
  • Based on the company organisation (such as authorised signatories, authorised representatives and rules of procedure)

All compliance tasks are also classified by topic and are depicted in a company-specific catalogue of topics. For every compliance-related topic, the following can be specified and tracked:

  • Who has responsibility
  • Legal grounds
  • Internal regulations and provisions
  • Tasks
  • Rules
  • Required employee qualifications and/or
  • other necessary disciplinary aspects

Topic-related reports will give you a reliable and sustainable compliance management system that will ensure even more transparency in your company-wide compliance organisation. otris compliance will support both the compliance officer in their operational work as well as management for the ongoing monitoring and holistic approach of your implemented compliance management system.

Versatile. Authorisation rights and reports.

The authorisation system enables you to provide all public compliance information in a clearly structured way. Moreover, our compliance management software guarantees the necessary access protection for confidential, compliance-related or personal information. By allocating validity periods or a reporting date, you can take the following into account at any time: current and historical observations relating to the compliance organisation, the respective responsibilities and the required documentation. Furthermore, existing corporate governance, including that from the past, can be displayed and verified with the corresponding documents and reports.

New standards. ISO 19600.

The ISO 19600 standard is designed to make companies aware of potential risks, while providing tools that can help to build an effective compliance management system. The ISO 19600 standard redefines the term compliance and encompasses the complete fulfilment of all the compliance requirements of a company (including all statutory obligations and voluntary commitments). Risk assessment lies at the heart of the new standard. The aim is to determine compliance risks and establish the appropriate countermeasures. In addition, the ISO 19600 standard addresses how effective individual compliance measures are with ongoing process improvement and the responsibility of management, employees and the compliance officer.

otris compliance - compliance software - product graphic

All information from your company-wide GRC processes is collected in our compliance management system and made centrally available to the decision-makers in your company in a clearly structured way.

When is compliance software useful?

Due to the number of specific regulations involved, large corporations are required by law to have a comprehensive monitoring and reporting system in place. This is rarely the case for SMEs. The question of whether and at what point a company can benefit from compliance software is impossible to address with a general answer based on individual indicators such as staff turnover or the number of compliance violations in a given period. The issue is simply too complicated and the conditions and requirements of each company and its respective industry are too unique. As an example, the laws and regulations by which a company and its employees need to abide are not necessarily based on its size. Likewise, the specific regulations within different industries and market legislations also play a decisive role. In addition, there are questions concerning issues such as:

  • Which regulations are relevant for which employees?
  • How often should the regulations be reviewed and updated?
  • How should employees, customers, partners and stakeholders be kept informed about new guidelines, changes and updates?
  • Is the company subject to its own jurisdiction or does it operate on an international level and must therefore observe different laws that apply in different countries?

In general: Regardless of a company’s field of activity, the need for action arises if compliance costs are already unnecessarily high, are steadily on the increase or concerns about compliance with laws and self-imposed rules prevent the actual core business from being carried out.

Five tips for handling compliance software
Compliance isn’t only important for corporations. Especially for SMEs, penalties arising from compliance violations can quickly mean financial ruin. As a result, the following applies: Trust is good but compliance software is better. Act responsibly and pro-actively, and not after compliance issues arise or already have legal consequences. Penalties and the analysis of compliance violations nearly always cost companies far more than it does to implement an effective compliance system. This means that the initial investment will almost always pay for itself in the medium term. Compliance software not only reduces the risk of liability for companies, it also ensures transparency and creates trust among employees, customers and business partners.

When choosing an appropriate compliance software, do not limit yourself to a purely functional comparison. The provider behind the technology is at least as important as the software:

  • Can the provider individually customise the software?
  • Do they offer training and support?
  • Do they understand your industry?
  • Do they have reference customers who faced similar challenges to your company and can verify the competency of the solution?
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