Meet the requirements in policy management.

For different purposes in compliance management: three software versions with optional add-ons

The complexity of the compliance organization depends not only on the size of the company, but also on the company structure and business areas. The requirements for a compliance management system therefore vary from company to company. To meet your requirements, there are three product versions and technical add-ons available:


The functionality of otris compliance STANDARD enables simple digital compliance management. The software includes a central storage space for filing and structuring compliance-relevant topics and for documenting responsibilities. If necessary, you can change or expand the filing structure independently and without additional programming effort. Documents (unlimited) are created in the system and sorted into topic-related policy libraries. Use a fine-grained role- and privilege-based access concept to give users (groups) read and / or write access. Depending on the rights assigned, employees can read or edit individual contents of the policy library. The system archives audit-proof compliance documentation. The documentation is archived historically. This allows you to track the status of the documentation at any time in the past. The software checks the reports for completeness and currency using predefined parameters.


In addition to the functions of the STANDARD version, the ENTERPRISE version also includes extensive document routing features: documents (unlimited numbers) can be created in the system, published in topic-related policy libraries, and distributed to the company through the assignment to scopes. The creation and approval process of documents – if desired – is controlled by a freely configurable workflow. You can follow and prove to which employees / employee groups at what time guidelines or other documents were assigned, and who was involved in the creation and publication process. The structure of your company with all subsidiaries and branches can be mapped in otris compliance ENTERPRISE. In addition to the standard rights assignment, this also allows access rights to be assigned on the basis of the company structure. A connection to your central Active Directory / LDAP simplifies user administration, the registration process, and the automated structure of the scopes. An encrypted file storage increases the data security of the system.


In addition to the STANDARD and ENTERPRISE version features, ENTERPRISE plus includes a business intelligence system that allows you to create extensive statistics and reports. You also have the option of creating any number of additional workflows, in addition to editorial and approval workflows, in order to adapt the software to the details of your company processes. Risk assessment and incident and action management features help to identify security risks at an early stage and counteract them in a structured manner via defined measures.

Add-on for otris compliance

FACTORY. Automatic import.

FACTORY is a server module for the automatic import of e-mails, database contents or files in otris compliance. Data from other applications (e.g. ERP/CRM systems) or devices (e.g. departmental scanners) may be associated with digital files in otris compliance. The FACTORY updates existing data or creates new information. The receipt of e-mails from predefined senders is monitored in order to automatically import messages and attachments into the corresponding files. Database contents of other systems can update the files in otris compliance via an ODBC interface. Folders from filing structures can be monitored with FACTORY and new files can be assigned to documents.

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