Meeting demands in contract management.

Three software versions with optional add-ons to meet different needs

The extent of customization in digital contract management depends on the project. Since our aim is to offer you a solution that is the right size and fit for your company’s specific needs, you have the choice between three product versions, as well as technical add-ons. We offer the version with basic functionality exclusively as software-as-a-service in the cloud. If you opt for the ENTERPRISE or ENTERPRISE plus versions, you can choose between running them on your company server (On-premises) or in the otris private cloud, in a certified data center.


We offer the otris contract CLOUD version exclusively as software-as-a-service in the otris cloud. This means that the software is operated on a data center’s servers. You access these servers via internet connection in order to work with the software. otris contract CLOUD is up-to-date at all times, as updates are imported immediately after release. The functional range of otris contract CLOUD offers simplified digital contract management. The software contains a centralized storage space for filing an unlimited number of contract documents and managing your contractual partners’ master data. Extensive search functions help you locate contracts and documents and sort results according to your specifications. Contract deadlines are continuously monitored – otris contracts software reduces risks by notifying you of automatic contract renewals and termination options. The authorization process regulates user access to different types of contracts and individual contracts.

Logo - otris contract ENTERPRISE

We offer the otris contract ENTERPRISE version as an on-premises solution (operated on servers at your company’s location), as well as an otris private cloud option (operated in a certified data center). Beside the functions included in the CLOUD version, otris ENTERPRISE also lets you map the structure of your company with all its daughter companies and subsidiaries. This allows you to allocate access rights based on the company structure. A link to your Active Directory / LDAP simplifies user administration and the log-in process. The functional range is supplemented by integrated contract control as well as the option to insert annotations and attach correspondence (e.g. directly from Outlook) to the digitalized master contract files. Encrypted file storage enhances the system’s data security.

Logo - otris contract ENTERPRISE plus

We offer the otris contract ENTERPRISE plus version as an on-premises solution (operated on servers at your company’s location), as well as an otris private cloud option (operated in a certified data center).In addition to the functions included in the CLOUD and ENTERPRISE versions, ENTERPRISE plus allows you not only to map your company structure but also company processes. Contracts can thus flow through the mapped structure in accordance with company-specific processing steps. The ENTERPRISE plus version also includes a reporting tool (Business Intelligence) for the evaluation of contract data such as contract costs, cash flow or duration. An added value to ENTERPRISE plus is the option to create additional contract types, which upgrades your contract management system to a universally applicable DMS.

Add-ons for contract management

With technical add-ons, you can further customize a chosen software version to meet your requirements. All add-ons are compatible with each of the three versions.

CHRONIK. Audit-proof archive

The CHRONIK module enables audit-proof archiving and chronological snapshots of contracts for a transparent contract history. Different contract versions including related documents, attachments, annotations, notes or e-mails are “frozen.”

The archiving component is certified by KPMG according to auditing standard 880 of the German Institute of Public Auditors and complies with commercial and tax law requirements. These include the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), the Generally Accepted Principles of Computerized Accounting Systems (GoBS), the Principles of Data Access and Auditability of Digital Documents (GDPdU) and the Federal Data Protection Act. An authorization process for both archiving and accessing stored contracts can be individually customized. Through the use of open interfaces, the expansion can be accelerated to create a comprehensive archive which also contains data from third-party solutions. Communication with third-party solutions can either be performed at the touch of a button, through actions in workflows or as an automated process, which is controlled e.g. by a pre-defined status change.

FACTORY. Automatic import.

FACTORY is a server module for the automatic import of e-mails, database contents or files from the filing system in otris contract. The imported data and documents supplement the data in contract management and provide complete, consistent and up-to-date information. otris contract is a contract management software that facilitates the administration not only of contracts but also important master data from business partners, suppliers and affiliated companies and their representatives. This data, which is often available in other applications, can be regularly and automatically imported to the otris contract database and compared with existing contract data. Thus you can e.g. record the addresses of all contract partners centrally in your accounting software, your ERP system or a CRM solution, and find them conveniently in the contract database with no additional input. As a result, your contract data always remains up-to-date and ensures clarity throughout the company.

OCR. Extensive text recognition.

Existing contracts in digital form (i.e. as PDF or TIFF files) can be added to the contract database files via a secured hard drive or a folder. To do this, copy your existing contract data to a directory of your choice. The otris contract software will retrieve this data at regular intervals and assign the files to the master contract files. Subsequent text recognition (OCR) applied to the document contents in the contract archive makes it easier to search for contracts and contract terminology in the database. Overall, you will have quickly and easily created an audit-proof archive for all your existing contracts and contract documents, and can reproduce all the files should you lose the originals.

When scanning in contracts, otris contract supports a wide variety of scenarios. You can scan directly into the master contract file from an individual work station, or else work from a department’s scanner and decide if the scan should be sent to contract management by e-mail or imported via folder storage with subsequent text recognition (OCR). The scanned contracts are then allocated to the digitalized master contract files and archived in an audit-proof manner. At the same time, you provide all the users with a current and uniform version of the contract, rendering copies of contracts in paper form obsolete.

CONNECTOR. Interface management.

The CRM / ERP connector is a uni/bi-directional interface between CRM/ERP systems and otris contract. On the one hand, the interface is used to transmit business or contract partner data from a CRM or ERP into otris contract. On the other hand, otris contract-specific information is transferred to the system in the form of link references. In addition to this special connector, the software can be connected to any further third-party systems. The otris contract Architecture ensures an easy integration into your existing IT-infrastructure.

OFFICE. E-mail functions and Office integration.

Document and archive all contract correspondence simply and directly from Microsoft Outlook or other Microsoft Office applications through a plugin which connects them with otris contract. This gives you access to the database of your otris contract installation where you can select master contract files to which you’d like to assign e.g. e-mails. Regardless of whether you select one or more e-mails, otris contract dismantles the contents (text, subject line, sender, attachments) and files them under the heading of the digitalized master contract files. Thus you can create a complete contract history including correspondence. You can also access the contract database from Microsoft Office applications such as Word or Excel and send documents to desired master contract files without having to open otris contract. You can profit from e-mail functions even if you don’t install the plugin: if you drag-and-drop an email from Microsoft Outlook into otris contract, the content will be similarly dismantled and saved. Otris contract then allocates the email to a master contract file.

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