The data protection manager for your data protection officer.

Data protection management software simplifies the implementation of targeted data protection measures

Control your data protection management with otris privacy (previously known as privacyGUARD), the strategic software solution for data protection. Compliance with standards is systematically monitored, analysed and optimised by the targeted implementation of measures. Security gaps are identified and assessed and data protection processes are monitored and documented. otris privacy can be quickly and easily adapted to meet your company’s requirements and processes.

Data protection is an essential part of modern business management. What’s more, data protection has become a real characteristic of quality. However, it is only possible to attain a high level of data protection when the issue of data protection is not perceived as a burden within the company. It must not cause a hindrance to processes and workflows, and employees must not be impeded from doing their work. Data protection management software supports the implementation of required processes that are necessary to ensure you meet the statutory requirements concerning data protection. It helps with the planning, setting-up and operation, as well as the decommissioning of data processing methods.

otris privacy provides companies, municipalities and external data protection consultants with professional support for their data protection management. The focus is on the analysis and optimisation of work processes relating to aspects of data protection. Business processes are highlighted and evaluated with the help of integrated checklists in order to derive potential for the optimisation of data protection and data security. The contract data processing can be mapped and all the logged information and results can be flexibly evaluated. In addition, different communication channels, such as e-learning programs, are used to strengthen data protection awareness within the company.

„Modern data protection management requires efficient technical support.“

Chris Newiger
Group Data Privacy Officer for Deutsche Bahn

otris privacy at a glance

  • Integrated checklists for data protection analyses
  • Monitoring and management of data protection processes
  • Monitoring of data protection measures
  • Regular audits to ensure the level of data protection
  • Configurable reports (e.g. a process directory, action planning)
  • Contract data processing
  • Employee awareness (e-learning, newsletters, information portal)
  • Queries and data disclosure
  • Billing of labour efforts, travel expenses and allowances
  • Multi-client capability and group capability
  • Distributed working based on a differentiated role and access concept
  • Direct and indirect software access
  • Different modules (incl. web capability and multilingualism)
  • Multiple interfaces (CSV, ODBC, XML, JavaScript, LDAP/AD, COM, iCal)
  • Coupling with databases, web forms and office documents
  • Individual modifications while retaining the upgradeability

From standard products to custom solutions – Data protection management with otris privacy

Information compression through teamwork
Establish a wide information base across multiple departments and locations. Lean and efficient processes ensure a targeted flow of information. In this way, new or changed methods can be reported electronically to the data protection officer. In addition to direct client or web access, the checklists can also be filled externally: The questions can be exported to an MS Excel file or as an HTML questionnaire with encrypted response transmission.

Organisation and Communication
The data protection officer is the link between the Data Protection Act and those who must comply with it or are affected by it. All queries about data protection, both internal and external (§ 34 of the German Federal Data Protection Act, BDSG) are recorded and monitored with otris privacy. The sensitive handling of personal data from required employee information is carried out nationwide with the help of e-learning courses and selectively via newsletters.

Flexible evaluations and reports
All information logged with otris privacy can be evaluated flexibly. The 15 report templates cover legal requirements (a process directory, activity reports) and also allow differentiated analyses of data protection management (action planning, audit logs, etc.). They are available in the following output formats: MS Word/Excel, PDF and HTML.

Systematic user guidance
otris privacy guides you to your goal, step by step: Wizards and context-sensitive pull-down menus guide you through all the input processes. Interactive progress indicators and the traffic light symbols in the data protection control process ensure immediate transparency. Your personal task list and automatic e-mail alerts give you the security of having all tasks and deadlines in view. Naturally, the finely-structured rights and role-based concept ensures that each user is only shown his or her own work areas and data.

From a standard product to your solution
As an experienced software manufacturer, we offer tailor-made add-ons for your company if needed, without affecting the upgradeability of otris privacy. Using open interfaces, the range of services from otris privacy can be expanded to create almost any kind of individual programming including: your own reports, data migration from legacy systems, coupling with LDAP or active directories, data imports from databases, web forms, office documents and plenty more. All customisations complement the standard product, so that the upgradeability of otris privacy is preserved. Talk to us about your individual wishes and requirements. We will be happy to discuss how we can adapt otris privacy to match your processes and infrastructure perfectly.

otris privacy - data protection software - product graphic

Data protection for companies, municipalities and external data protection officers. otris privacy – our all-round solution for professional data protection management – helps you monitor and manage your data protection processes and helps you promote nationwide employee awareness about the issue of data protection.

Permanent software support and practice-oriented user training will ensure that you are always up-to-date

Data protection must be a prime consideration yet it needs to run in the background.
Legislative amendments, employee data protection and the EU Data Protection Regulation: Regular software updates keep otris privacy up-to-date in terms of content and technology. The topic “data protection” is constantly in discussion and undergoing change. “We implement new legislation in otris privacy as quickly as possible. In addition, we improve the service portfolio performance of our data protection management solution through your suggestions: A permanent dialogue with our customers ensures the optimum adaptation of otris privacy to meet practice-based needs. Every year we usually publish one to two new versions of otris privacy. In between times, technical updates ensure that the application is reliable and stable. Content updates, such as new and revised checklists or updated legislative texts, are provided via online updates. As part of our software support, our technical support team is happy to help you with any questions or problems.

User training. Standardised or individual.
Besides the obvious and basic functions that can be learned intuitively, otris privacy offers a variety of additional options that help to optimise your corporate data protection management. Realise the maximum potential of your data protection management software: Visit one of our practice-oriented and targeted user training sessions.

Standard training. Solid basic knowledge.
The aim of our two-day standard training sessions is for users to gain a solid basic understanding of all the important functions. In small groups of 3-6 participants, the core functions of otris privacy are illustrated in an interactive manner with plenty of time for individual questions. The standard training takes place in the training rooms at otris software AG in Dortmund. Once three registrations have been received, we arrange a mutually agreeable training date with the participants.

Individual training. Tailor-made content.
In the individual training sessions, we design the training content to match your company-specific workflows. We will discuss the main focal points with you in advance. We’re also happy to tailor our training concept towards different user groups so that participants are trained in the program in a needs-based and function-specific way. On request, we can even conduct user training in your home.

Rental model for external data protection officers

Are you looking for a professional and affordable software solution for your customers’ data protection management? Our flexible rental model offers a low investment risk and fixed quantifiable costs per quarter – and all without a commitment period.

For you to be able to respond to your challenges as an external data protection officer in a professional manner, structured software support is essential. The multi-client capability of otris privacy allows you to efficiently support all your clients. A diverse range of cross-client templates and samples creates valuable synergies, although the data of your individual clients is of course kept strictly separated. In order to save time and effort, you can integrate your clients into the data protection process: Send the integrated checklists via e-mail and then import the answers at the click of a button. With otris privacy, in addition to the reports required by data protection law such as a process directory, you can also create invoices for your services, for example.

The single version of otris privacy is aimed at self-employed individual consultants, while the corporate version is used in medium to large consulting companies. Our rental model is valid from a minimum of five clients, although the number of clients can be flexibly adjusted at any time. The costs remain calculable through the quarterly accounting module. Our rental model is not subject to a commitment period and can be terminated at any time to the end of each quarter.

If you are interested in finding out more, we would be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

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