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Data protection management software simplifies the implementation of your company-wide data protection measures

Handle your privacy management with otris privacy (previously privacyGUARD), the strategic privacy software solution. Compliance with standards is systematically monitored, analyzed and optimized through the targeted implementation of measures. Vulnerabilities are detected and evaluated, data protection processes are controlled and documented. otris privacy can be quickly and easily adapted to your company-specific requirements and processes.

Data protection is an indispensable part of modern business management, and what’s more, privacy has become a genuine quality feature. However, a high level of data protection can only be achieved if the topic is not perceived as a burden on the company. Processes and workflows should not be disturbed, employees should not be hindered in their actual work. otris privacy supports the implementation of law-compliant data protection management – in the planning, installation, operation and decommissioning of data processing procedures. The privacy management software supports companies, communities and external privacy advisers regardless of the size or structure of the organization.

The focus is on the analysis and optimization of work processes under data protection aspects. With the help of integrated checklists, company processes are examined and evaluated in order to derive optimization potentials for data protection and data security. Order data processing can be mapped and report functions are used to flexibly evaluate all logged information and results. In addition, different communication channels – such as e-learning programs – are used to strengthen privacy awareness in the company.

Thus, otris privacy serves both to monitor, as well as to structure and document your company-wide data protection management – universally and in compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your all-round solution
From the control and management of data protection processes to building comprehensive employee awareness.
Support at every step of the way
Document and analyze processes in a structured way.
Consistent information status
All documents and information are quickly available in the central contract database.
Keep an eye on the current status of your data privacy organization.

EU GDPR: Covering previously known requirements

Since May 25, 2018, the new data protection standards based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) have become binding for all EU countries. The most important objective of the new regulation is to strengthen user rights and to increase transparency. The privacy impact assessment, which identifies and evaluates risks, also presents a new challenge. Companies will need to spend more effort to meet the changing requirements. Software solutions support the documentation, optimization and implementation of all relevant data protection processes. To cover with otris privacy the requirements of the EU GDPR, the software has been extended by the following functions:

  • Monitoring of privacy measures
  • Documenting data protection risks (Data Protection Impact Assessment (GDPR Art. 35))
  • Configurable reports (e.g. processing activities GDPR Art. 30)
  • Documenting the processing security (including order data processing GDPR Art. 28 and 32)
  • Awareness raising (documentation, proof and execution of training)
  • Notification of data breach to competent authority (GDPR Art. 33)
  • Inquiries and data information

Key features of the privacy management software otris privacy

Analysis of business processes.

otris privacy serves as a central platform on which you can inventory all data protection-relevant procedures. The software contains checklists (> 1,000 questions) for checking the procedures in-house and for external service providers (order processing). Measures that you define to optimize data protection are documented, delegated and monitored in the software.

Template system.

An extensive template system helps to avoid redundancies and supports the mapping of internal data protection processes. The template system can be quickly and easily adapted to your needs. It provides, among other things, a text management function for specific purposes or a legal base for processing, definitions of measures, or even templates for impact assessment as well as complete process descriptions.

Cultivating awareness.

An important element of law-compliant data protection management is employee awareness. otris privacy includes numerous employee learning e-learning and newsletter features, and it helps to prove what training was done and when.

Role and access concept / external integration.

Through a differentiated access concept, you define roles and rights. Depending on your requirements, you include individual, selected data protection coordinators or even the entire workforce. Via client or web access to the central system, you promote teamwork and information consolidation. Thus, new or revised processes (procedures) can be reported electronically to the data protection officer. In addition to direct client or Web access, the user can also fill out the checklists externally: the questions are then exported to an MS Excel file or as an HTML questionnaire with encrypted response transmission. Requests for data protection – internally and externally – are processed and documented efficiently via otris privacy. Data breaches can be logged and reports for consultation with the regulator easily and quickly generated.

Reporting .

All information logged with otris privacy can be evaluated flexibly. The 19 report templates not only cover the legal requirements (list of processing activities, activity reports, overviews of measures, analysis reports), but also permit differentiated evaluations of data protection management (action planning, audit log, etc.). The output formats are MS Word / Excel, PDF, and HTML.

Systematic user interface.

otris privacy takes you step by step to its goal: assistants and context-sensitive action menus guide you through all input processes. For immediate transparency, interactive progress indicators and traffic light icons provide privacy control. Your personal task overview, as well as automatic e-mail notifications, give you the security of having all tasks and deadlines in view. Of course, thanks to the fine-grained rights and roles concept, every user sees only the workspaces and data intended for them.

Web interface.

All functions of the software can be used either via a local installation or via the web interface in the browser.

From the standard product to your solution.

As an experienced software manufacturer, we implement custom-fit extensions for your company without affecting the release capability of otris privacy. Through open interfaces, the range of services of otris privacy can be extended by almost any individual programming: own reports, data migration from legacy systems, ActiveDirectory or LDAP coupling, data imports from databases, web forms and office documents, and much more. All customizations complete the standard, preserving the release capability of otris privacy. Tell us your individual wishes and requirements. We would be happy to discuss with you how we can optimally adapt otris privacy to your processes and infrastructure.

otris privacy - data protection software - product graphic

Data protection for companies, municipalities and external data protection officers. otris privacy – our all-round solution for professional data protection management – offers you, in addition to the control and management of your data protection processes, a comprehensive employee awareness campaign around data protection.

Privacy management with otris privacy: the process review as a core process

Which data protection-relevant processing activities exist in the company and do these procedures comply with the law? To answer this central question and to document the findings is a highly complex matter. Data protectors who work with self-developed solutions quickly reach their limits – testing and documentation are already so extensive in medium-sized companies that the overview is lost. otris privacy structures your enterprise-wide data protection management and reduces the workload.

Inventory processing activities
otris privacy is the central database on which you document all the company’s privacy-relevant procedures. The software simplifies documentation through wizards that help you with the plant and sample procedures that you can recycle. By mapping your corporate structure, you assign targeted patterns or other templates to specific scopes in your organization. This avoids redundancy and increases data protection efficiency.

Check processing activities
Reduce redundancy even with procedural verification with otris privacy. In addition, you improve test quality. The system contains checklists of over 1,000 formulated questions. Depending on the nature of the processing activity, you compile question catalogs to assign procedures to them. In doing so, you also use the principle of recycling and inheritance: once created, checklists can be applied to any number of procedures.

Once a procedure has been linked to a checklist, assign it to the person or department responsible for editing. Employees either access the system via their Internet browser to answer the checklist questions, or simply have the verification criteria sent to them without having direct access to the system.

The answer to the checklist questions can now be assessed: which aspects of a procedure are compliant with data protection and are harmless? At which points must be improved? Traffic light symbols help you with the classification and provide a quick overview.

Optimization stands at the end of the process. You define measures that address the detected privacy deficiencies. In this case, you also use the template pool to work efficiently. Follow-up functions and deadline warnings support you in monitoring the execution of measures.

„Modern data protection management needs efficient technical support.“

Chris Newiger
Deutsche Bahn Group Data Protection Officer

Your responsibility grows: Stay confident with otris privacy

A company-wide data protection management, which runs completely, lawfully and free of redundant work, is your entitlement. Beginning with a certain company size, the implementation becomes more difficult – and the responsibility grows through the new statutory provisions of the EU GDPR.

Simplify responsibility
otris privacy simplifies your responsibility for privacy. By structuring and documenting all data protection-relevant processes on a central platform, you gain a complete overview of the status of your data protection organization. All procedures are inventoried in an orderly manner and the evaluation of procedures and risks, as well as the state of optimization, is clearly documented. Traffic light symbols make the data protection organization clearly arranged and easily controllable – even with extensive holdings.

Reduce effort
otris privacy not only helps you to complete your tasks correctly, but also to complete the tasks with the least possible effort. The consistent use of templates generates a high degree of efficiency: they avoid duplication of work when creating procedures and procedural checks, and use proven documents through linking. Not only the templates but also the collaboration functions reduce the effort of your data protection organization: departments that analyze procedures, outsiders who make inquiries or privacy advocates who are involved – the system offers many possibilities to integrate content “from outside” without media disruption.

Integrate corporate structures
otris privacy is group ready. This means that even complex corporate structures can be mapped in the software to organize access rights, role and document distribution. Template and inheritance functions minimize the effort involved in setting up and expanding the structure.

otris privacy – holistic privacy management
Managing your data protection with specialty software pays off: you gain full control over the enterprise-wide privacy process and the assurance that you’re doing your job right down the line. By structuring and recycling, you streamline processes and avoid redundant work. Adapted to your corporate structure, otris privacy is a tool to help you with any work that matters to your group-wide privacy management.

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