Meet the requirements of data protection management.

Three software versions with optional add-ons to meet different purposes in data protection management

How extensive and expensive the design of a data protection organization must be, in order to meet all legal requirements, depends on the company. Influential factors include company size, structure and business areas. To offer you a system that fits your needs, there are three product versions and add-ons to choose from. If you opt for the ENTERPRISE or ENTERPRISE plus versions, you can choose between running them on your company server (On-premises) or in the otris private cloud, in a certified data center.

otris privacy - standard

The functionality of otris privacy STANDARD enables basic privacy management. The software simplifies the control and overview of your clients’ basic privacy management processes. The focus is on the development and maintenance of a directory for processing activities, and on data protection impact assessment. Integrated checklists for data protection analysis support you in checking and evaluating privacy-relevant business processes. The software helps you to monitor and clearly document data protection measures. In addition, inquiries, requests for information as well as data breaches can be comprehensively documented. With the functions for order data processing, you can verify the technical and organizational measures of external service providers and their related contracts. In addition, there are different communication channels – such as e-learning programs – available to strengthen privacy awareness in the enterprise. A detailed authorization concept controls the access rights of users (groups) and supports the dedicated administration of your clients.

We offer the otris contract ENTERPRISE version as an on-premises solution (operated on servers at your company’s location), as well as an otris private cloud option (operated in a certified data center). In addition to the functions of the standard version, Enterprise also allows you to adapt the software to your company structure. To do this, the structure of your business is mapped in otris privacy Enterprise together with all subsidiaries and offices. Based on the corporate structure, you control access rights and assign procedures or company audits.

We offer the otris contract ENTERPRISE plus version as an on-premises solution (operated on servers at your company’s location), as well as an otris private cloud option (operated in a certified data center). In addition to the features included in the STANDARD and ENTERPRISE version, ENTERPRISE plus allows you to use otris privacy as a web-based application. Any number of users can access the system at the same time via the web interface. The web application contains the complete product scope of the client application (which you can also use).

Add-ons for data protection management

With technical enhancements, you can further tailor otris privacy to your requirements. With the exception of “Multilingualism,” all add-ons are compatible with each of the three versions.

REQUEST WORKFLOWS. Process requests

The request workflow makes it possible to automatically record incoming requests for data protection (for example, Article 15 of the EU GDPR) in otris privacy and to document the processing operation. Inquiries can be reported by e-mail or via web form, including attachments to otris privacy. Further correspondence related to the request is handled via a ticket number. Incoming requests can be processed or delegated for further processing by another body. In addition, text templates, including related file attachments (such as privacy policies or terms and conditions as a PDF), can be used to avoid redundancy in the recording of work steps or in the response to the inquiries, thus optimizing the editing process. Incoming inquiries can be checked in advance through filter criteria as needed. The request module includes the Web form for reporting, the associated application scenario for FACTORY, and the installation and setup of the module. Special requests (e.g. adaptations of the web form, special features for the allocation of ticket numbers, reading out of databases, special filter criteria for incoming requests, connection to mailboxes in an existing mail server structure such as Exchange or Lotus Notes) can be accommodated as part of the service.

E-LEARNING. Creation of e-learning courses.

The E-LEARNING add-on allows the provision and management of learning content as well as the documentation and the assessment of examination performance.

FACTORY. Automatic import

otris privacy-FACTORY is an interface that enables the integration of external applications in otris privacy. The integration can be based on XML, e-mail or ODBC databases. Possible applications are e.g. the inclusion of contact forms for inquiries to the DSB, the establishment of an anonymous complaints office and the like. otris privacy-FACTORY is a standalone client / server application that should be installed on the same hardware as otris privacy.


The multilingualism add-on enables the use of otris privacy both in German and in English. During acquisition, the respective language is set for each data record. The display in the web interface can be switched from German to English. In addition to the standard checklists in German (about 1,000 questions), English checklists (about 500 questions) are also included. The multilingual extension is only compatible with the ENTERPRISE plus version of otris privacy.

REPORTING WORKFLOWS. Report processing operations

The reporting workflow makes it possible to integrate existing processes for reporting procedures under Article 30 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) directly into otris privacy. Procedural messages are reported to otris privacy via a web form, where they are processed, approved or rejected. To use the registration form, in contrast to the use of otris privacy itself, no separate knowledge in the field of data protection is necessary. The reporting module contains the standard web form for the procedural message, the associated application scenario for FACTORY, and the installation and set-up of the module. Special requests (for example, adjustments to the web form, use of Word forms, reading out of databases, connection to mailboxes in an existing mail server structure such as Exchange or Lotus Notes) can be accommodated as part of the service.

Rental model for external data protection officers

Are you looking for professional and affordable software for the privacy management of your customers? Our flexible rental model offers you a low investment risk and fixed costs per quarter – without a commitment period.

In order to conscientiously fulfill your task as an external data protection officer, structured software support is essential. The multi-client capability of otris privacy allows you to efficiently manage all your clients. Diverse cross-client templates and patterns create valuable synergies, whereby the data of your individual clients are of course strictly separated. In order to save time and resources, you can integrate your clients into the data protection work: send the integrated checklists by e-mail, then import the answers at the push of a button.

In addition to the data protection required reports such as the procedure directory, you can also generate billing for your services with otris privacy, for example. Our rental model is based on a minimum of five clients, whereby the number of clients can be flexibly adjusted at any time. The cost side remains calculable through the quarterly billing method. Our rental model is subject to no binding period and can be terminated at any time at the end of a quarter. If you are interested, we will gladly make you a non-binding offer!

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