Modules & add-ons for otris privacy data protection software.

Modules & add-ons – Integration platform for data protection

Thanks to its modular structure, otris privacy can be perfectly adapted to meet your business requirements. Data protection management software from otris privacy can be easily integrated into your existing IT system and ensures a seamless workflow.

Base module. single and corporate.
The “single” base module is tailored to meet the needs of data protection officers within SMEs as well as independent external data protection officers. One client is included in the standard product. The software is installed at a workstation.

The “corporate” basic module is the right solution for data protection officers within medium to large companies, corporations and service companies in the field of external data protection support. The multi-user system includes one tenant and three clients.

Corporate module. Enterprise-wide.


In the corporate environment, otris privacy provides support in the implementation and task planning for your data protection concept.

In addition to the hierarchical representation and management of your corporate structures, the corporate module includes comprehensive user administration. User rights can be defined in a number of ways and easily managed within otris privacy. As a result, this extremely comprehensive data protection concept can be quickly implemented and coordinated. In addition, the corporate module supports enterprise-wide procedural maintenance. Redundant data maintenance is omitted, significantly reducing the maintenance requirements of your electronic process directories.

Web module. Online access.


As an alternative or an addition to Windows GUI Client, otris privacy can be expanded and operated via the web interface.

Access is provided via a standard web browser, so that no additional installation effort is required on the part of the client. Web access allows you to work with the software regardless of your location or operating system. Data protection tasks, e-learning courses and an information platform can therefore be offered, managed and documented easily via a central data protection platform. The number of users is unlimited and the user’s access rights are managed automatically via otris privacy without any additional configuration expenses.

Multilingual. German and English.


For our international customers, we offer use of the multilingual module. This allows you to use otris privacy in German and English.

In all core areas of application of data protection management, from maintaining the process directory to documenting and reviewing contracts for contract data processing, through to the acquisition and processing of data disclosure. When registering, the software language can be set for each specific application, thereby allowing each user to set their linguistic preference. The user can also change the display in the web interface from German to English. Moreover, in addition to the standard checklists in German (with approximately 900 questions) additional English checklists are also included (with approximately 500 questions).

Integration modules

Report module. Forms and reports.

With the report module, everyone from select coordinators to the entire workforce will be involved in data protection management. Employees will report new or changed processing electronically. This information will automatically flow into otris privacy, where it will be further classified by the data protection officer. The report module contains the online form for the procedure report, a limited factory with the appropriate application scenario and installation and set-up for the module. Special requests, e.g. adapting the web form, using word forms, reading out data from databases, can be accomplished as part of services.


Query module. Give answers.

The query module lets you automatically capture and document incoming queries regarding data protection, e.g. Section 34 of the BDSG as well as data access requests in otris privacy. Queries can be reported to otris privacy by e-mail or online form, including attachments. Further correspondence regarding the query will be consolidated under a ticket number. Incoming queries can be processed or delegated to a different person for further processing. Furthermore, text templates, including corresponding file attachments, e.g. data protection policies or GT&Cs as a PDF, can be used to avoid redundancies when logging steps or answering queries, thus optimising the editing process. If necessary, incoming queries can also be checked in advance using filter criteria. The query module is based on the online reporting form and the corresponding factory application scenario. We are happy to implement any special requests you may have, such as adapting the online form, features regarding the allocation of ticket numbers, reading out of databases or special filter criteria for incoming queries.


Factory. Incorporating external applications.

The otris privacy factory constitutes an interface that allows external applications to be integrated into otris privacy. Integration can be based on XML, e-mail or ODBC databases. Examples of possible applications include integrating contact forms for queries to the DSB, setting up an anonymous complaints process and the like.  The imported data and documents thus supplement the data from data protection management and provide complete, consistent and current information.

Data can also be imported regularly and automatically from already existing systems, such as for managing contract data processing or master data into the otris privacy database and supplementing or synchronising existing data. The otris privacy factory is an independent client/server application that should be installed onto the same hardware as otris privacy.


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