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Investment portfolio management software makes it easier to successfully manage your investment structures

Manage your investments with otris corporate: you will gain a complete overview of your corporate investment portfolio. Document structural links within the group, and trace data histories within the individual companies. otris corporate provides access to valuable information that allows you to monitor your investment structures and continue to develop them successfully.

From the perspective of any corporate group, investment portfolios should achieve an rewarding financial return and contribute to the fulfilment of corporate goals. The role of investment portfolio management is to process information about locations, investors and appointed corporate officers in order to implement a group-wide investment strategy and establish investment monitoring. However, companies often operate with incomplete information, as assignments from the investment sphere are performed by different specialist departments and not seen as an integral corporate task. By contrast, the use of special software solutions has proven successful in obtaining fast and easy access to all investment structures and corporate data.

In otris corporate, our software for investment portfolio management, all the master data and key performance indicators within your holdings, as well as their investment portfolios, investors, appointed officers and boards, are centrally managed and clearly interlinked. The web-based software architecture in the central, browser-based solution ensures that your data is consistent and up-to-date. All data and documents are saved and archived by reporting date. You can thus track any changes and different file versions at any time. You can also reset the entire application at the touch of a button to any historical point in time. In addition, otris corporate can be quickly and easily adapted to meet your specific requirements.

Full transparency
Simply click the individual companies for an immediate view of all the information in this unit, including: master data, key figures, investment portfolios, investors, elected representatives, documents and contracts.
Comprehensive control funtion
otris corporate monitors and informs you about what the individual companies within the group contribute to achieve the agreed objectives.
Individual workflows
All relevant data from your investment portfolio, branches and subsidiaries is recorded and processed via customisable workflows.

otris corporate Investment Management software: Key features

Centralized database.

Manage corporate documents related to all your investments in the Group’s own centralized database. Each corporate document contains relevant master data and key performance indicators as well as investment shares. Additional information and/or documents can be easily added to the files. The entire investment portfolio documentation (i.e. contracts, protocols, entries, certificates) is interlinked with companies, investments, and board members.

Visualization of the Group structure.

All contracts are stored in a centralized database and allocated to individual master contract files. Beside the contract itself, master contract files contain all related documents, versioning and correspondence. Each master contract file can be provided with deadlines, which are monitored by the system. The user is informed of an approaching due date. If the user does not react, otris contract triggers a pre-defined escalation workflow. Master contract files are linked to the master data index, which contains detailed information about contract partners and suppliers. Contracts can be supported by email reminder and template features in order to simplify processing.

Search function and full-text search feature.

Charts visualize the setup of each portfolio and provide you with an overview of links and dependencies between companies. Graphic representations and interactive charts condense key information and serve both as an overview and a navigation tool.

Board management.

Group-wide board appointments are centrally mapped in the investment management software and each mandate is historically archived. You can view past configurations of your corporate hierarchy at the click of a button. You gain a transparent overview of all the appointed officers and decision-makers in your companies and investment portfolios. In addition, you can display which boards – complete with number of members, their names and respective companies – are set up within each individual company. You can see upcoming replacements and keep an eye on all current appointments. Related documents provide information about decisions, resolutions and board meeting minutes. Links to individual board members clearly show which people are active in different positions within the group. Interactive charts visualize current board appointments and make navigation easy. You can record all scheduled meeting dates of individual boards in a central calendar and promptly see if there are any scheduling conflicts. Upon request, participants will be reminded of the upcoming meeting by email. Moreover, you can find a wide range of documents in the boards’ digital files, such as the invitation and agenda for the next board meeting, as well as archived resolutions and protocols from former meetings.

Board appointment management.

A mandate is a person’s temporary role on a company’s board. otris corporate manages all mandates a person has within the group of companies and coordinates all the appointments across each board representative. Using charts, the software visualizes each board appointee.

Deadlines, dates, escalation management.

Integrated deadline management helps to avoid unnecessary risks. otris corporate reminds responsible parties of expiring contracts, board appointments or upcoming audits and meetings by email in a timely manner. A calendar of dates and deadlines provides the necessary overview. If responsible employees fail to react to reminders, a pre-defined workflow establishes the escalation path.

Search functions.

Comprehensive search and filtering functions allow you to easily locate the information you need. You can use a form to refine your search results, or search by any combination of words. On request, digitalized documents added to the database can be automatically indexed (OCR) and their entire contents included in a full-text search.


The integrated business intelligence solution processes any relevant data from the investment portfolio in the form of reports, which can be retrieved in standard output formats or as chart types. Standardized key performance indicators can be supplemented by additional indicators. otris corporate sends out all reports automatically and regularly to user-definable e-mail distribution lists.

Authorization concept.

An investment management database contains sensitive information. The authorization concept ensures that only certain individuals have access to it. otris corporate integrates all contents into a differentiated authorization and access concept with clearly defined rules and possible exceptions. The application is always customized and can range from a hands-on approach to complex access control.

Installation and integration.

otris corporate is accessed via web browser. Local installation on the users’ computers is therefore not necessary. The software can be run on-premises, i.e. on your server, or via our cloud. Standardized interfaces as well as individual customizations allow for a seamless interaction with third-party systems and integration in an existing IT-environment (e.g. LDAP or Active Directory).

otris corporate - Investment portfolio management - product graphic

Modern investment portfolio management for more transparency in the corporate group. otris corporate provides you with fast and easy access to all your investment structures and corporate data. It forms the basis for your strategic investment management.

From the big picture down to the smallest detail: Investment management with otris corporate

otris corporate supports your investment management. The software processes information necessary for sound investment control. otris corporate allows you to monitor what each individual company within your group does to promote your group’s targeted objectives.

Integrated solutions with local access rights
otris corporate operates with central data storage and an authorization concept which you can adapt to your unique corporate structure. All data relevant to investment portfolio management is thus reported from subsidiaries, branch officeses and portfolios directly to central corporate control. The data is updated immediately after input. All stakeholders are thereby provided with relevant information: those responsible for individual investment portfolios can view the data that is associated with their unit. All information within the investment network is available to corporate control. A central, integrated software solution is especially relevant for monitoring individual investments, as it channels all data streams from individual investment portfolios and visualizes them using a corporate control center.

Clear evaluations, charts and reports
After analyzing the data, otris corporate visualizes your ownership structure and investment portfolios in the form of organizational charts. From the organizational chart, you can call up individual companies at the click of a button for an immediate view of all the information in each unit, including master data, key performance indicators, investment portfolios, investors, board members, documents, and contracts. You can define preferred key performance indicators during system configuration. otris corporate processes the data and visualizes it as clear charts and reports. Likewise, you can manage the automatic mailing of reports during system configuration. At any point, you can adjust earlier settings to your current conditions.

„With otris corporate, we can keep track of all current and past share distribution.“

Michael Schmolinske
Legal Advisor to the Management Board at Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG

otris corporate makes investment management simple

Risk assessment, past investment portfolio scenarios, as well as evaluation and analysis of key performance indicators – otris corporate is your multifunctional tool for investment management

Data quality – A basis for important decisions
Thanks to consistent process orientation, our integrated software solution for investment portfolio management supports you in managing your investments. All relevant data from your investment portfolios, branch officeses and subsidiaries is recorded and processed via customizable workflows. Data quality is key both in local companies and in corporate control: information from all stakeholders is current and consistent. Data can be quickly accessed via a targeted search.

Data quality – A basis for important decisions
Thanks to consistent process orientation, our integrated software solution for investment portfolio management supports you in managing your investments. All relevant data from your investment portfolios, branch officeses and subsidiaries is recorded and processed via customizable workflows. Data quality is key both in local companies and in corporate control: information from all stakeholders is current and consistent. Data can be quickly accessed via a targeted search.

Security – Manage risk
Failure to meet deadlines can have unpleasant consequences. A growing investment portfolio structure brings along an increase in deadlines and maturities. otris corporate allows you to not only keep track of different fiscal year ends at individual companies within the group, rotating supervisory board meetings or pending reporting obligations, but also to manage automatic deadline reminders and the escalation workflow in case responsible individuals do not react to reminders.
The question of how and where your data is hosted is also relevant for security. You decide whether you want to run the system in your own IT environment, or via our cloud. Likewise, you decide on the authorization system that will grant or refuse access to specified content to specific users.

Special solutions for municipalities and private equity firms

Investment management works differently in companies than it does in municipalities or private equity firms. To meet the demands of municipalities and private equity firms, we offer you investment management software that is exactly tailored to both sectors. Please contact us for more detailed information.

You can find more information about our investment management solutions for municipalities and private equity firms here:

Investment controlling for private equity firms
Investment portfolio management for municipalities

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