Meeting demands in investment management.

Three software versions with optional add-ons for different applications in investment management

How extensive and complex your investment management structure is depends not only on the number of your portfolios, but also on the fluctuation and structure of its individual components. Our software should fit your company’s specific needs perfectly, which is why we give you a choice between three product versions with optional add-ons:


The functional range of otris corporate Standard offers simplified digital investment portfolio management. All the master data and key performance indicators within your holdings, as well as their investment portfolios and investors, are clearly managed and interlinked. A board management function supports you in supervising board members. otris contracts reduces risks by monitoring due dates and deadlines and notifying responsible parties in a timely manner. The authorization concept regulates user access to different companies, individuals, and documents. The web-based software architecture in the browser-based solution ensures that data is consistent and up-to-date for all users. All data is saved and archived by reporting date. Extensive search functions help you locate information quickly and sort results according to your specifications. Standard reports on shareholdings and board appointments, as well as organization and investment environment charts, already provide a reliable reporting system in the basic software version.


In addition to the functions included in the Standard version, you can use otris corporate Enterprise to enter holdings either directly, or across multiple share classes with unit or par value calculation. A structured historical document management system efficiently controls even large amounts of different files. Standard reports on shareholdings and board appointments, as well as investment charts (including export functions according to MS Visio) and environmental diagrams provide a reliable reporting system. The connection to your Active Directory/LDAP simplifies user management and log-in process. Encrypted file storage enhances the system’s data security.


In addition to the functions included in the Standard and Enterprise versions, Enterprise Plus automatically generates a corporate income tax return claim for all managed companies. The software standardizes processes and procedures via integrated and user-configurable workflows. A business intelligence component including design tool provides comprehensive reporting capabilities. The Enterprise plus version allows you to create more file types, thereby expanding your investment management system into a universally applicable document management system.

Add-ons for investment portfolio management

With technical add-ons, you can further customize otris corporate to meet your requirements in addition to selecting a software version. All add-ons are compatible with each of the three versions.

CHRONIK. Audit-proof archive

Audit-proof archiving of various levels of digital files and documents. The complete history with all versions is available without media discontinuity in the file. The archiving component is certified by KPMG according to auditing standard 880 of the German Institute of Public Auditors and complies with commercial and tax law requirements. These include the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), the Generally Accepted Principles of Computerized Accounting Systems, the Principles of Data Access and Auditability of Digital Documents and the Federal Data Protection Act (the latter two of which are now summarized in the GAAP).

FACTORY. Automatic import.

FACTORY is a server module for the automatic import of e-mails, database contents or files from the filing system in otris corporate. Data from other applications (e.g. ERP/CRM systems) or devices (e.g. departmental scanners) can be assigned to digital files in otris corporate. FACTORY updates existing data or creates new ones. The receipt of e-mails from predefined senders is monitored in order to automatically import messages and attachments into the corresponding files. Database contents from other systems (e.g. companies) can update the files in otris corporate via an ODBC interface. Folders from storage structures can be monitored with FACTORY and new files can be assigned to documents.

OCR. Extensive text recognition.

The OCR engine converts scanned documents which contain text in “picture form” (e.g. PDF or JPEG files) into editable and full text index searchable documents. Layout and formatting of source file are retained.

CONNECTOR. Interface management.

The ERP connector retrieves data regarding companies, debtors or creditors from an ERP system and enters them in otris corporate if required.

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