Whistleblower protection:
In-house or Outsourcing
26. July 2021

Whistleblower policy: all-round carefree package with otris technology

The EU Whistleblower Directive is currently being transposed into national law and is expected to become binding by the end of the year. Many companies decide to implement the requirements "on their own". Others are transferring the task to their external legal advisors. The Hamburg-based legal service provider eagle uses otris software to offer its customers an all-round carefree package: from the technical/legal review of incoming cases to the documentation. The otris whistleblowing system is the technological heart of eagle's offering.

Even though the legislative process in Germany is dragging on – in the foreseeable future, companies with more than 250 employees will be obliged to set up an internal reporting office. The way companies (or other organisations) receive reports is regulated: The reporting channel must be constructed to ensure the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower.

Whistleblower protection through anonymity

Companies can achieve identity protection in different ways. One possibility is to operate an anonymous reporting channel. If reports are received anonymously, this implies that a breach of confidentiality is not even possible. The otris whistleblowing system guarantees anonymity through external operation and encrypted communication. Companies wishing to implement a whistleblowing system can immediately access the software as an SaaS solution.

System plus consulting

Do it yourself or outsource it – this question must be answered individually by each company. The introduction of a whistleblower system, including communication to employees as well as processing, evaluating and responding to incoming cases, can be taken over by a responsible unit or outsourced to external experts. One of the specialists in this field is eagle lsp Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft. The Hamburg-based legal service provider combines legal expertise with IT know-how. With the otris whistleblowing system as its technological core, eagle offers a complete package consisting of legal advice on the introduction, operation of the system and the processing/evaluation of all incoming tips.
The otris whistleblowing system offers eagle an optimal technological platform: The solution enables secure identity protection for whistleblowers and thus the implementation of a fundamental regulatory requirement. In addition, the software simplifies the structured processing and documentation of incoming reports: The system assigns new cases to a digital file based on the mandate. Deadline monitoring for response and processing as well as documentation tasks are automated. The individual customisability of the system allows eagle to integrate internal company processes into case processing and to offer an individual layout of the reporting platform for each client.


The Whistleblower Protection Act will be passed in the foreseeable future. Companies with more than 250 employees will then have to offer internal reporting channels that ensure that the identity of the whistleblower is kept confidential. The otris whistleblower system is a technical solution that enables companies to comply with the regulatory requirements. Companies that do not wish to operate their whistleblowing system in-house can call on the services of external legal advisors. The IT and compliance experts at eagle Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft use the otris whistleblowing system to relieve their clients with an attractive full-service offer.

Whistleblower policy: all-round carefree package with otris technology

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ISO standard – Best practice for whistleblowing systems

ISO standard - Best practice for whistleblowing systems