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Contract management with otris software:
the total package is right

LucaNet is a provider of intelligent financial software. Fast, reliable and easy to use – that is the demand on the solutions developed in-house. The company places the same demands on third-party software for internal use. LucaNet uses otris software for contract management and benefits from the newly introduced system: fast contract processing and research, reliable deadline monitoring and ease of use.

Contract management with otris software: the total package is right

From start-up to market leader
LucaNet has developed from a start-up to the market leader for financial performance management in 20 years. The growth required a continuous adaptation of the work processes. This includes contract management, which for a long time functioned in a decentralised and paper-based manner at LucaNet and has now been centralised and digitised with otris software.

Decision for otris software
The primary goal the company wanted to achieve with the introduction was a uniform contract database across the group as a single point of truth. “After researching the market, we looked at different contract management systems and in the end decided on otris.

The whole package was just right: from the consulting to the pricing to the look and feel of the software,” recalls Fabrice Freyer, Senior Business Process and Systems Manager at LucaNet.

Monitoring of deadlines.
A central function in contract management is deadline monitoring. By introducing otris contract, LucaNet was able to standardise the process for monitoring deadlines throughout the company. Via settings in the authorisation system, employees are warned about expiring contract deadlines depending on their responsibilities. If employees do not react to deadline warnings, the system sends a message to predefined colleagues. “We really like the deadline management functions – both in terms of configuration and ease of use in day-to-day business,” says Fabrice Freyer.

„If otris contract were a colleague, that colleague would be very reliable, structured and down-to-earth.“

Fabrice Freyer
Senior Business Process and Systems Manager bei LucaNet

Quick overview: the dashboard
Another function that convinces users at LucaNet is the dashboard. After logging in, the user sees the dashboard as the start page. The overview summarises the most important data on “information tiles” – e.g. upcoming deadlines, new contracts entered into, upcoming tasks. The user decides which information categories the dashboard displays. Using a drag & drop function, they can drag the information tiles relevant to them onto their individual dashboard.

Usability as a success factor
It was not only the functions, but also the good usability of the software that was decisive for LucaNet to choose otris contract. New users can operate the system after only a short familiarisation phase. This minimises the training effort and is a fundamental prerequisite for employees to enjoy using the system.

“The usability of a software is important for acceptance and thus for a successful new introduction – we know that from our own projects,” explains Fabrice Freyer. Some LucaNet employees use otris contract regularly in operations. Others use the system only occasionally for research purposes. Especially for the occasional users, it is important to understand the required functions immediately.

Good advice
The functional scope and user-friendliness of the contract management software convinced LucaNet. But the software alone does not determine the success of the project. The following are also essential: good advice on the selection of components according to requirements, individual configuration and implementation within the agreed time and cost targets. “All this worked very well with otris and within the planned milestones”, Fabrice Freyer sums up the project and adds: “If otris contract were a colleague, this colleague would be very reliable, structured and down-to-earth”.

About LucaNet
Truly intelligent solutions are simple, fast and reliable. In financial data management, one name above all stands for this: LucaNet. For over 20 years, LucaNet has been doing everything it can to make the daily work of CFOs, group accountants and controllers easier with user-friendly software for financial performance management and professional consulting. Shortening the path to the result. And to deliver valid, transparent figures at the push of a button so that decisions can be made with confidence.