How do you optimise your investment management with otris corporate?

Investment management software for successful control and administration

Optimise your investment management with otris corporate. You get transparency on the information you need for successful control and administration: Clear organisational charts, structured data and documents, traceable company developments and customised reports.

Investment management has the task of implementing an investment strategy, organising investment administration and establishing standardised investment controlling. Up-to-date, consistent information on locations, investors, committees and mandate holders is a prerequisite for implementing the tasks.

If data and documents are distributed in different places in the group, the compilation is not only cumbersome, but also uncertain: Is the information up-to-date? Is it complete? What are the interrelationships between the investment data? And what developments have led to the current status? The solution: a central software system for investment management.

otris corporate

otris corporate

In our investment management software otris corporate, all important master data and key figures of the individual companies as well as their shareholdings, investors, mandates and committees are centrally managed and clearly linked with each other. All data and documents are historised as of a specific date when they are saved, so that you have access to the current status of the structure at any time on a desired date in the past.

Our investment management software at a glance

otris corporate has a modular structure. You combine basic elements, such as the central company file, with extensions. If required, we integrate your company-specific workflows into the application. The goal: a solution that meets your requirements.

otris corporate

Central database | Company records

You manage the company files of all participations in the group’s own central database. Each company file contains the relevant master data, key figures and shareholding amounts. You can easily add additional information/documents to the file. The entire shareholding documentation is linked to the companies, shareholdings and mandates. Comprehensive search and filter functions simplify the search.

otris corporate

Body and mandate management

Clear illustration of all committees with current appointments and the possibility of simulating appointments in the past. Management of related documents (e.g. resolutions, minutes of meetings) and organisation of appointments with deadline warnings. Links to individual mandate holders make it clear which persons are active in different positions of the corporate group.

otris corporate

Visualised structures

Diagrams visualise the structure of the shareholdings and provide you with a general overview of the links and dependencies between the companies. The graphic representations and interactive diagrams condense the essential information and simplify navigation.

otris corporate

Times and dates

The integrated deadline control helps you to avoid risks. otris corporate monitors expiring contracts, appointments to committees or upcoming audits and meetings in order to remind the responsible persons in good time by e-mail. A deadline and appointment calendar provides the necessary overview. If responsible employees do not react to deadline warnings, a predefined workflow determines the escalation path.

otris corporate

Permissions | Access

The authorisation concept ensures that access is only possible for a specific group of people. otris corporate integrates all content into a differentiated authorisation and access concept with clear rules and possible exceptions. Implementation is always individual and customised and can range from a pragmatic approach to complex access control.

otris corporate

Reporting | Controlling

The integrated business intelligence solution processes the data relevant to you from investment management into reports that you can call up in common output formats and diagram types. You can add further indicators to standardised key figures. otris corporate sends the reports automatically and regularly to freely definable distribution groups by e-mail.

Features that distinguish our investment management software

Usability. Simple and intuitive.

Ease of use through a software interface that has been thought through down to the last detail is a top priority in all otris developments. The excellent usability of the investment management software makes it easy to navigate and recognise connections. With just a few clicks, you can adapt the interactive organisation chart so that you can view it from the desired perspective (e.g. from the perspective of a specific participation). Links take you to further information with just one click (example: the name of a supervisory board member is linked to the master data system for his person).

Integration. Smooth and platform-independent.

otris corporate is a browser-based application and therefore does not require installation on users’ workstations. The participation management system is platform-independent and integrates into your IT environment without complications. Standardised interfaces enable smooth communication with existing systems. Not only the technical work with the system, but also the administration as well as the individual design of the programme interface is done comfortably via the web browser.

Scope of functions. Customisable standard software.

In order to adapt the software functional scope to the given requirements, companies choose one of the three software editions and combine extensions as needed. If there are further requirements that are not covered by this standard functional scope, otris consulting realises an individualisation according to requirements. From simple data field additions to complex interfaces to third-party systems – the otris corporate architecture is designed so openly that even extensive customisations can be implemented with manageable effort.

On-Premises or cloud. Form of operation selectable.

On-premises or cloud – you are free to choose which variant you use. On-premises means that otris corporate is installed on a server at your company location. With a cloud variant, you access the servers of a secure data centre (location: Germany) and use the participation management software from there. In both cases, you use a web browser to work with the software.

„With otris corporate we keep track of all current and past shareholding relationships.“

Michael Schmolinske
Legal Affairs Officer of the Executive Board, Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG

How does the investment management software otris corporate simplify the management of your investments?

Risk assessment, simulation of past shareholdings as well as evaluations and analyses of key figures – otris corporate is your multifunctional tool in investment management.

Data quality. The basis for important decisions.
Through consistent process orientation, our integrative software solution for investment management supports the management of your investments. All relevant data of your holdings, branches and subsidiaries are recorded and further processed by customisable workflows. The data quality is right both in the local companies and in the corporate management: the information status of all participants is up-to-date and uniform. Data can be researched in a targeted manner and is quickly available.

Historicisation. Trace development.
The key date-related historisation of all data and documents makes changes and version statuses traceable at any time. In addition, you can reset the entire application to any point in time at the touch of a button and thus have access to the reactivated complete actual status of that point in time. otris corporate thus becomes your personal simulator of the investment and participation history.

Security. Managing risks.
Missing deadlines can have unpleasant consequences. As the investment structure grows, so do the number of deadlines and due dates. Fiscal years that end at different times for the individual holdings, regular supervisory board meetings or upcoming reporting obligations – with otris corporate you not only maintain an overview, but also control the automatic deadline warning and the escalation workflow if those responsible do not respond to warnings.

The question of how and where your data is hosted is also relevant to security. You decide whether you operate the system in your own IT environment or have it hosted by us. You also decide according to which authorisation system users are granted or denied access to individual contents.


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How does our investment management work in practice?

otris corporate supports you in the management of your holdings. Four examples from practice:

Standardisation in administration.
A group acquires a company. The additional holding is to be integrated into the existing structure.

otris corporate simplifies the acquisition process: the data and documents of all shareholdings are stored in digital shareholding files. Creating a new shareholding file in otris corporate and integrating it into the organisation chart is straightforward. The predefined file structure simplifies the systematic compilation of all necessary documents.

Efficiency in reporting.
Every year, the company must prepare a K-3 report with detailed information on foreign participations and send it to the Bundesbank. With a large number of holdings abroad, compiling the data is time-consuming.

otris corporate generates K-3 reports in the XML format required by the Bundesbank at the touch of a button. The system checks which holdings meet the K-3 criteria and transfers the required data to a report. Once the data of all holdings have been maintained in otris corporate, you can generate the annual K-3 report within a few minutes.

Overview at the committee organisation
A board meeting is coming up. The board in its current composition must be invited in good time and informed about the agenda.

otris corporate informs the employee responsible for the committee organisation about the upcoming meeting. He finds the contact details of the committee members in the system. The employee sends the invitation to the board meeting directly from the system, attaching documents stored there (e.g. the agenda or the minutes of the last meeting) to the e-mail. The system logs the invitation sent and automatically assigns the e-mail to the corresponding digital file.

Informative during exams
The tax audit requires data on the shareholding structure from 2018. Without technical support, reconstruction is costly.

otris corporate integrates a “time machine”. The system displays the status of the shareholding structure at a freely selectable date. The historicised view allows information to be compiled quickly. Alternatively, you can give the tax auditors time-limited access to the system. The auditors can then independently access the data and documents they need.

Investment management with extended contract management

With our Corporate Housekeeping Edition, you expand the functional scope of the solution with a fully comprehensive contract management. In addition to the corporate documents, you can manage any number of other contracts from the operational business. You eliminate duplicate data storage and uncertainty in the choice of storage location. You store all data from contract and participation management in a central system and thus retain full control.

Company agreement, supervisory board minutes or car leasing contract – by configuration you determine which employee groups are allowed to access the respective information.

You can find more information on our corporate housekeeping solution in our technical text.

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