Agile development of specialist solutions for digital transformation

The economic development of sustainable specialist solutions is the guarantor for successful digitisation in companies

The otris solution platform is based on a standardised runtime environment and includes user-friendly document management. Pre-built solutions run in a stable environment and can be easily extended. New business processes can be implemented quickly and without risk – in the companies themselves or in the cloud.

otris solution platform

The proven runtime environment of the otris development platform is tightly integrated with operating system-related services and can be easily integrated into the corporate infrastructure or the cloud.  Data and documents are routed through the organisation using workflows. If special business logic is needed, it can be added using the de facto standard JavaScript in a low-code process. Subsequently, the processes are stored in an electronic archive according to legal requirements.

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All otris specialist solutions are based on the capabilities of the otris solution platform and are in daily use thousands of times over. While otris specialises in contract management and compliance solutions, otris solution partners also implement their own solutions in different specialist areas of companies. However, they always use the proven components of the low-code development platform. This results in fast development cycles with a high product quality.

otris solution platform

otris solution platform in detail

otris solution platform

Central services

User management, secure data storage and communication with operating system-related services such as an e-mail server are just a few examples of the central services of the otris solution platform. The more of these standard services are used in a business application, the better the time-to-market and the product quality. The runtime environment, which has been hardened over many years, is constantly being supplemented by new services. The otris development team only uses 100% open source extensions.

otris solution platform


Javascript has also become firmly established on the server in recent years. It is simple, easy to learn and there are many good development tools. The integrated Javascript engine provides access to the services provided, but also to a constantly growing world of open-source Javascript libraries. Only where necessary, it can be used to implement special requirements at a high level of abstraction (low-code development).

otris solution platform

Integration into the companies

The otris solution platform servers run on Windows and Linux. They can be operated in data centres (on premises) and in cloud environments. Interfaces enable the exchange of data and documents with other business software. The user operates the specialised solutions with a web browser or mobile devices. The solutions are thus available everywhere. Standards such as HTTPS or LDAP and an optional use of private networks (VPN) offer the highest level of security.

otris solution platform

Document management in the browser

Whether you want to define a multi-stage contract approval process, map a digital contract signature or automate the data check after contract entry – with otris contract you digitise work processes in contract management. Complex, individualised workflows are graphically modelled with the help of a workflow designer (Microsoft Visio).

otris solution platform

Workflows control business processes

otris contract integrates all contents of the contract database into a differentiated authorisation and access concept with clear rules and possible exceptions. Implementation is always individual and customised and can range from a pragmatic approach to complex access control. With otris contract you design secure access to confidential documents in contract management.

otris solution platform

Audit-proof archiving

otris contract integrates comprehensive business intelligence functions. Data from the contract database including all financial values or data from other sources can be retrieved for individual evaluation. The data can be grouped, condensed and arranged as desired.

„Companies use the linking of our specialist solutions to make the digitisation process easier and more efficient.“

Dr. Fank Hofmann
Member of the Board of otris software AG

Features that distinguish our low-code development platform

Model-driven development. Graphical tools replace programming.

otris develops model-driven solutions. This means that the desired functionality is first transferred to a graphical model and from there, automatically, to the programme code. This approach accelerates development and simplifies maintainability through standardisation.

Agile processes. Step by step to the perfect result.

Agile processes in otris software development produce usable prototypes after only a short planning phase, which are refined step by step. Starting development at an early stage of the project and after a short planning phase has many advantages: Individual parts of the programme can be examined immediately and, if necessary, redesigned, expanded or discarded. This reduces the risk of undesirable developments and enables the uncomplicated implementation of optimisations in the ongoing project.

Reusability. Productivity through prefabricated components.

The otris solution platform contains ready-made components that can be used for different use cases. Example: Deadline management, which was originally developed for contract management, also works in legal tech applications to monitor objection or deletion deadlines. Other components can be reused according to the same principle – e.g. editorial workflows, authorisation concepts, reporting tools. The use of prefabricated, proven components saves time and ensures quality.

On-Premises or Cloud. Internet technology simplifies distribution.

On-premises or cloud – the otris solution platform works without restrictions in both worlds. On-premises means that the solution is installed on a server at the company location. In a cloud variant, the user accesses the servers of a secure data centre (location: Germany) and uses the solution from there. In both cases, the user uses a web browser to work with the software.

Operability | Usability. Simple and intuitive with web browser.

Ease of use through a software interface that has been thought through down to the last detail is a top priority in all otris developments. The outstanding usability of the otris solution platform minimises the learning curve for new users to develop solutions in the low-code environment.

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