Which cloud suits
for your company?

Our Cloud Offer

For all otris products we realise every form of operation that makes technical sense: In the cloud or on the company’s own server (on premises). If you decide to operate in the cloud, you can choose between public cloud and private cloud. What are the differences between the variants, which cloud suits your requirements and what is the cloud anyway?

Our understanding of the cloud

The term “cloud” is not a physical quantity. Therefore, definitions often become blurred at the edges. For users of our software, the following differentiation is important: If you use an otris product in the cloud, the software is operated on the server of an external data centre. You access the software via an internet connection and browser. To differentiate: With our on-premises offer, the server is located in your company’s own data centre.

Companies make a decision for or against the cloud based on their IT compliance guidelines and economic aspects. For employees, it is irrelevant whether they use otris products in the cloud or on-premises. The interfaces of both variants are identical.

„The otris cloud solution is in line with our group strategy: high security standards, availability and easy, location-independent access.“

Cathleen Lindner
Director Legal & HR at Innovation Group AG

Security in the cloud

The question of whether operation in the cloud or on a company’s own servers is more secure cannot be answered universally. However, our experience from many customer projects shows that the IT security standards of company-owned data centres often do not reach the level of an external data centre. From backup to fire protection to access control: If your software runs in an external, reputable data centre, you benefit from the professional security concept.

Certified data centres
We realise our cloud offers in cooperation with our subsidiary bytemine. bytemine uses data centres that have been certified by recognised auditors in accordance with ISO 9001 and 27001. All servers of the data centres on which we run otris products are located in Germany.

High data security
Automated data backups protect you in the event of data loss. Security is increased by the fact that the backups are stored locally separate from the operating server of your otris product.


The otris private cloud

If you use an otris product in our private cloud, you access a server operated by an external data centre. As far as functions are concerned, the private cloud does not restrict you: interfaces, individual extensions or configurations – what works on-premises also works in the otris private cloud.

The otris public cloud

If you use our software in the otris public cloud, you access – as with the otris private cloud – servers of an external data centre. The difference: in the public cloud, you do not use a server instance set up specifically for you.

Conserve in-house IT resources
Neither one nor the other is “better” or “worse”. Only one criterion is decisive: the operating mode must fit your requirements. If you have the requirement not to use in-house IT resources, the otris private cloud is interesting: you use the software, we take care of the operation of the system. This means that we keep the server hardware and software required for operation up to date. Adaptations, extensions or updates of the application software are services that we – as with on-premises customers – additionally perform after commissioning.

Use economic advantages
The shared server instance has economic advantages. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular appreciate the software offering in the low-cost public cloud. From a technical point of view, however, the shared server instance has one restriction: the otris product is only available to you in a predefined standard version. Interfaces and extensions as in the private cloud cannot be realised in the public cloud. Private cloud, public cloud or on premises – we would be happy to explain all the details to you in a meeting. Get in touch with us!