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Intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, designs or utility models are a considerable asset for many companies. otris ip helps companies to keep track of their IP rights and to centrally manage, monitor and prepare for registration all relevant information on a specific property right.

otris ip is a special software for the administration and maintenance of your IP rights. With digital files, you manage important information and documents on your IP rights and benefit from technical supplements for different IP types. For example, the latest version of the Nice Classification is already integrated into the system. The digital solution simplifies the daily work of your IP team and increases efficiency and productivity.

otris ip can be used stand-alone (as a single solution) or in combination with the contract management software otris contract and the shareholding management software otris corporate. Advantage: Managing IP files and contract or corporate files in one solution generates synergies. Linking individual IP rights to contracts or assigning them to companies improves transparency, which in turn is a basis for sound decision-making.

Our IP management software at a glance

otris ip has a modular structure. The basic elements of the system (e.g. the central IP file) can be supplemented with extensions. Beyond the standardised extensions, individual workflows and additional file types increase the functional scope of the system. Our goal: A solution that precisely maps your needs.


Digital IP file
The IP file is the central element of the application. For each IP right, the digital file contains all information, data and documents – clearly structured and easy to find via search functions. Without media discontinuity, you open documents of different formats within the application to process cases: Change status, create deadline, send to external parties, etc.


Search and Find
otris ip is the central database for your IP information. With reliable search functions, you can immediately find the patent, utility model or design you are looking for. Filter and sort functions allow you to quickly get an overview of the total stock of IP rights already filed and still to be filed. The easy-to-use search and sort function is the basis for a targeted management of IP rights.


Term management.
IP rights must be monitored regularly by the rights holder, as their protection is limited in time and space. With otris ip you can keep track of everything: The system informs you about the current status of individual IP rights and warns you of expiring deadlines. Clear result lists show the responsible employee, for example, all IP rights for which he or she must apply for renewal within a defined period.


Automatic processing documentation.
The documentation of processing procedures works automatically in otris ip. Thanks to the integrated DMS system, a user can add documents, notes, correspondence, etc. to each IP record. The system automatically logs time and user data. The documentation additionally helps those responsible in their dealings with institutions and authorities. The entire life cycle of an intellectual property is transparent for everyone involved.


Since many different parties are often involved in the registration, administration and use of IP rights, a digital system significantly facilitates cooperation. Employees from the legal department, from research and development as well as external parties (e.g. commissioned patent attorneys) access – depending on their authorisation – the same, up-to-date database. Duplicate data maintenance and uncertainty with regard to data up-to-dateness are a thing of the past.


Security and space saving.
Paper-based IP files require physical storage space, which is limited in many companies. The digital IP file, on the other hand, only requires a database. With the help of digital backup copies, which otris ip automatically stores in separate locations, you minimise the risk of data loss and destruction.


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Components for your IP management

Optimise your IP management: Replacing paper-based files with the digital IP file makes your workflows more expedient and cost-effective in the long term. Thanks to the digital system, you have the flood of data, documents, categories and deadlines to be maintained safely under control. otris ip supports your company both in complex registration processes and in the subsequent management of registered IP rights, adapted to your individual requirements.

Access rights control
The digital IP file simplifies access control: users are identified via user name and password. In this way, the respective user is only granted access to the contents and documents released for him or her. When setting up the digital system, you define which specific principles this authorisation concept follows. The head of department of your IP teams, for example, receives write and read access to all IP rights, while a team member only receives access to the IP rights that he or she is responsible for.

An app for mobile access
Via your mobile device – smartphone or tablet – you can view all processes, documents and notes in the otris app. In addition, all processes and documents are also available offline. This means you have access to the necessary IP file at all times – for example at a meeting in an external law firm or on the train on your business trip.

Digital archive
If required, a digital archive can be integrated into otris dossier IP to ensure that your IP rights are retained for an unlimited period. The integrable archive component is certified by KPMG according to IDW PS880 and covers the requirements of commercial and tax law. This includes the principles of proper accounting (GoB), the principles of proper IT-supported accounting systems (GoBS), the principles of data access and verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU).

OCR integration
If desired, otris ip can be extended to include OCR integration. Documents in an IP file are automatically indexed when uploaded to the digital system so that they are included in a search query via a full text search. For example, you can search patents and deeds for important keywords. Formatting and layout of the source file are not affected by this process.

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