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Data and documents accrue for every legal matter: Correspondence, minutes, decisions, research results, expert opinions, images, evaluations, invoices, etc. With otris matter you improve the transparency of all information relevant to a legal matter – an important prerequisite for success.

Legal Matter Management refers to the documentation and management of legal matters in a legal department. Examples of matters (“Matters”) are disputes in or out of court, legal consultations or the drafting of a non-disclosure agreement. In-house counsel often use files to store the processes and documents related to each matter in a structured manner. The effort to maintain paper files and distribute information via copies is high. Replacing paper files with digital files simplifies and optimises your legal matter management.

otris matter is a special software for matter management in legal departments. When switching to digital files with otris matter, the legal department retains the tried and tested system for indexing as well as file and filing structures. After implementation, the solution maps even complex company-specific file management specifications. Once in use, the digital specialist solution simplifies operational work and improves transparency and security.

Basic elements in legal matter management

With the basic elements of the solution, you establish a secure and easy-to-use process management in your company. Extensions and – if desired – customisation increase the range of functions. The ultimate goal: a solution that precisely reflects your requirements.

Legal Matter Management

Digital case file.
The case file is at the heart of the solution. For each new legal matter, you create a new digital file in which you store all information in a structured way. As known from the “analogue world”, there is a file cover with metadata as well as file contents. Documents in the digital file can be opened within the application without media discontinuity.

Legal Matter Management

Search and find
With the search functions integrated in otris matter you can search the keyword index and sort the hits. For example, you can immediately find all files on a complex of topics, all files on “your cases” within a certain period of time or all files whose deletion period is expiring. If required, OCR full text indexing is integrated in otris matter, with which you can also search all document contents.

Legal Matter Management

The information and documents in the Matter file must be available to involved colleagues as well as external parties (e.g. appointed lawyers or experts). otris matter saves you the time-consuming copying and distribution of file (contents): You use contact data that you store in the software to share content. Both company employees and external parties have browser-based access to the digital files and content that have been released for them.

Legal Matter Management

Term control
Through automated deadline control, otris matter increases security in the processing of deadline-critical matters. If you assign a deadline to individual files or processes, the system warns the responsible employee by e-mail. If the employee does not react, a reminder workflow is started: after a predefined sequence, the system informs other employees about the upcoming deadline. In this way, you can control, for example, deadlines for appeals or compliance with deletion deadlines.

Legal Matter Management

Tracking changes.
The system automatically logs changes made by users to digital files. This allows you to see at any time when a user added, edited or deleted data, documents or comments from the file.

Legal Matter Management

Security and space saving.
Paper-based matter files that you (have to) store long-term require physical storage space. Digital files only need a database – on your company server or in the cloud. Digital files are easy to protect against destruction or loss: otris matter can be configured to store automatically generated backup copies on locally separate servers.


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Extensions in Legal Matter Management

A central, digital and structured filing system – for many legal departments, the basic functions are already a great step forward in terms of digitalisation and collaboration. Once converted to digital, however, further possibilities for simplifying, improving and accelerating processes open up. Depending on requirements, otris matter can be expanded individually.

Knowledge management.
With otris matter you store entire files, templates, texts or helpful formulations in a knowledge database. The stored knowledge modules help you to use the know-how from completed matters for current tasks. Structured filing simplifies information research and improves the efficiency and quality of operational work. Example: In the knowledge database, the employee finds both instructions on how to proceed in dunning procedures and templates for quickly drafting the necessary letters.

An app for mobile access.
Legal departments that already use digital file management still often produce large quantities of paper: to prepare for court proceedings or for out-of-court negotiations, employees print out the already digitised documents because they often cannot access their systems outside the company’s own IT infrastructure. Our solution: The otris app makes processes and documents available offline on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The app synchronises with the application server and stores the data encrypted on your mobile device. In the app, the data is displayed in decrypted form and can also be used wherever there is no internet connection available.

Legal Spend / Documentation of Activities and Expenses.
The otris matter management software not only simplifies the operational work on legal cases, but also the administrative processes: Legal spend functions allow you to record activities and time spent on each individual legal case. At the touch of a button, you can generate reports that clearly show the time and effort involved.

Electronic signature.
E-signature makes it possible to conclude valid legal transactions based on digital documents. The integration of different e-signature solutions in otris matter simplifies the signing process. Legal transactions can be completed easily, quickly and regardless of location thanks to the digital signature. After signing a document, you use the digital files in otris matter for filing.

Digital archive.
If you wish, otris matter can integrate a digital archive component. Files that you have created in otris matter can be stored in the digital archive for an unlimited period of time. The archive component that can be integrated into otris matter is certified by KPMG according to IDW PS880 and fulfils the requirements of commercial and tax law (GoB, GoBS, GDPdU).

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