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Digital transformation with the otris legal SUITE

The otris legal SUITE supports companies in their digital transformation in the areas of contract management, participation management, transaction management and property rights management. Optimise transparency, legal certainty and risk minimisation through the combined use of the specialist solutions or through the targeted digitalisation of individual company processes.

otris legal SUITE combines four specialist solutions. With the specialist solutions, you control processes in contract management, participation management, process management and property rights management. Due to the many overlaps in these specialist areas, you benefit from combined use. All specialised solutions follow the same operating concept, thus reducing the learning curve for users. Another advantage of the central platform: documents and data are available across departments. This improves the view of processes in the overall context.

Example: With otris legal SUITE you manage the company’s own IP rights with all the associated data (patents, technical drawings, image files, etc.). IP rights are often part of contracts (e.g. licence agreements), which you manage within the suite using the contract management functions. If your IP rights are violated, you organise the procedure with the integrated incident management. By linking the specialised solutions, you generate transparency. You see the case in the context of all relevant processes and associated documents.


otris legal SUITE

The idea behind the suite: contract management, participation management, process management and intellectual property management have many professional overlaps. By combining the specialised solutions, you do not view processes in isolation, but in the context of linked data and documents.

The four specialist solutions of our otris legal SUITE

The four specialist solutions of the otris legal SUITE create synergy through combination. Sie sind jedoch ebenfalls Stand-alone – als Einzellösung – erhältlich. The four specialist solutions at a glance:

The specialist solution otris contract supports you in controlling the entire contract life cycle. From the creation of contracts and digital signatures to controlling processes and audit-proof archiving routines.

The specialist solution otris corporate supports you in controlling your investment management processes. With otris corporate, companies map their participation structure and manage all important master data and key figures of the individual companies as well as their participations, investors, mandates and committees.

The otris matter specialist solution supports you in organising transparent process management. The solution simplifies the documentation and management of legal matters, the cooperation with external parties and the automated monitoring of deadlines.

The specialist solution otris ip supports you in effective IP rights management. With otris ip you manage your IP rights (such as patents, trademarks, designs or utility models) monitor deadlines and prepare registrations.

Features that distinguish our otris legal SUITE

User-friendly. Easy to use.

The specialist solutions of otris legal SUITE are based on a uniform technology platform. For the user, this means that navigation logic and menu navigation are identical in the specialist solutions and follow the excellent usability concept of all otris solutions. The uniform operating concept makes it easier for users to use and switch between the specialist areas.

Scope of functions. Customisable standard software.

Your requirements determine which otris legal SUITE system components you use. However, you can not only combine specialist solutions with each other, but also select a software edition within each specialist solution and add functional extensions. If you have additional requirements, otris Consulting will customise the standardised solution modules.

Interfaces. Exchange data.

Die Fachlösungen der otris legal SUITE sind nicht nur untereinander kombinierbar, sondern können auch mit externen Systemen vernetzt werden. Mit standardisierten Schnittstellen zu bestehenden Drittsystemen erhöhen Sie den Nutzen durch uni- oder bidirektionalen Datenaustausch.

Operating form. Cloud or on-premises.

You are free to choose how you operate the individual modules or the entire otris legal SUITE. With the on-premises variant, you run the solution in your company’s own data centre. If you do not want to use your in-house IT resources, choose a variant from the otris cloud offering.

„In particular, the combination option of contract and investment management with legal matter extension convinced us.“

Carola Bereuter
Finance & Legal Affairs, Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH

The otris legal SUITE in practice – advantage through combination

Whether you use the specialist solutions of otris legal SUITE individually or in combination depends on your requirements. Von welchen Kombinationen profitieren Unternehmen in der Praxis? Some examples:

Corporate Housekeeping
An important task in corporate housekeeping is to record company-relevant documents and processes without gaps. The documentation includes minutes of the supervisory board meeting as well as the articles of association or profit transfer agreements. otris corporate is the specialist solution for controlling and documenting processes in investment management. However, many processes in corporate housekeeping also concern the contract management area. The combination of the contract management solution otris contract and the investment management solution otris corporate creates a system for corporate housekeeping that has proven itself in practice many times over. The combination eliminates duplicate data storage and ends the uncertainty of choosing the correct storage location for corporate documents and contracts.

Contract and incident management
Legal disputes between companies often relate to contract content – e.g. the question of whether services have been provided in accordance with the contractual agreement. Combining the specialist solutions for contract management (otris contract) with the specialist solution for process management (otris matter) is therefore an obvious solution.

Particularly in the case of extensive contracts with many annexes (versions, amendments, correspondence, agreements), complete documentation is essential in the event of a dispute. Linking a legal case in case management with the related contracts in contract management improves the transparency of all relevant information of a case.

otris corporate, otris ip, otris matter and otris contract.
otris corporate is our specialist solution for investment management. The shareholding structure depicted in the solution is ideally suited to linking it with further information – for example, IP rights that you assign to the respective companies. If you add otris contract (contract management) to the solution, you can assign the corresponding user agreements to the IP rights. The link always shows you user agreements and IP rights in context: the complete documentation of the IP right including all images, metadata and deadlines with all user agreements that exist for this IP right. This complete overview helps in particular when an IP right infringement occurs. You can manage the legal matter with the fourth solution of the otris legal SUITE: otris matter supports you in the preparation and documentation of legal disputes.

Expanding professionalism – with further otris solutions and digital files

Companies do not only combine the specialist solutions of otris legal SUITE with each other. Eine Kombination der otris legal SUITE mit Lösungen anderer otris-Suiten kann ebenso von Vorteil sein und Synergie erzeugen. Benötigt das Unternehmen darüber hinaus Funktionen, die nicht im Standard enthalten sind, erweitert das otris-Consulting den Umfang über Individualisierungen. This includes company-specific workflows as well as additional digital file types that expand the professionalism of the solution.

Combining suites.
All otris solutions relate to compliance-relevant business processes. A combination of solutions can therefore also generate cross-suite benefits. For example, the combination of solutions from the otris legal and otris compliance SUITE is suitable for implementing the requirements of the Supply Chain Act: otris diligence is the specialist solution of the otris compliance SUITE with which companies manage the LkSG due diligence obligations. To identify problematic supplier relationships, the system must first be filled with information about existing suppliers. Which suppliers from which regions are there and what volumes are supplied? These are basic questions that need to be answered before further consideration and risk analysis. Specialist solutions from otris legal SUITE help to compile the information: contracts with suppliers are stored in the contract management solution otris contract. There, data can be pre-sorted (e.g. by country or delivery volume) in order to carry out an initial prioritisation. Data from the participation management solution otris corporate also contain important information for due diligence management. After all, the Supply Chain Act does not only apply to suppliers, but also to the company’s own business division. In otris corporate, you will find all information on the corporate structure with all data of all subsidiaries and participations.

The centre of all otris legal SUITE solutions is the digital file (e-file). It contains the data and documents that employees need to process business transactions. The number of e-files that companies can manage with the specialist solutions is unlimited. The same applies to the type and scope: there are IP files that contain only a single photo and metadata or case files with hundreds of transactions and documents. E-files organise information regardless of content. By integrating new types of e-file, you can expand the professionalism of otris legal SUITE. If, for example, you need a lean system for project management in addition to participation management, otris consulting will integrate another file type into the solution. From the file structure to data fields and processing workflows, your company’s own specifications can be implemented.

The operating logic as well as the basic principle, which users know from the other specialist solutions of otris legal SUITE, remain the same with every functional extension: Documents and processes are stored in digital files which authorised employees can easily find using search and sort functions. Employees access the digitalised files to process business transactions. The processing functions are integrated into the digital file. Release or approval workflows control the flow of transactions and documents through the company.

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