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Holistic compliance management with otris compliance SUITE

The otris compliance SUITE is the tool for the operational implementation of your compliance programme. The software suite anchors the compliance processes you have developed in the company and contains four specialist solutions: Due Diligence Management, Whistleblower System, Policy Management and Risk Management. You can freely combine the specialised solutions but also use them individually (stand-alone).

Compliance stands on the one hand for adherence to laws and on the other hand for the fulfilment of ethical standards and requirements set by the company itself. Compliance violations can result in high fines and reputational damage that endanger the existence of the company. An elementary prerequisite for preventing violations is a functioning CMS (Compliance Management System). The elaboration of the content of a CMS is demanding. An equally great challenge is the implementation and maintenance of the system.

The otris compliance SUITE systematically supports prevention, clarification and the organisation of measures. Identify risks, uncover violations, implement measures and promote prevention – the suite optimises a process-controlled approach in the central compliance areas. With otris compliance SUITE, you document your compliance organisation and store workflows that guide users in the structured processing of their tasks. The documentation of your compliance activities is automated: The system registers your operational activity – from the delivery of a policy to the follow-up of a measure to the processing of received notices.

otris compliance suite

otris compliance SUITE

All relevant information and documentation is collected in the cotris compliance SUITE and is centrally and clearly available to the decision-makers in your company.

Features that distinguish our otris compliance SUITE

User-friendly. Easy to use.

The otris compliance SUITE consists of various specialist solutions (risk management, policy management, due diligence management, whistleblower system). All specialist solutions are based on our DMS platform DOCUMENTS and thus follow the same navigation logic. The usability of the platform and the solutions based on it has been proven over many years and is constantly being further developed. As a user of the compliance SUITE (or an individual specialist solution), you benefit from the high otris usability standards and thus from easy navigation and usability.

Scope of functions. Customisable standard software.

You determine the functional scope of otris compliance SUITE by selecting the specialist solutions you need: The solutions for risk management, policy management, due diligence management and whistleblower protection can be freely combined with each other and can of course also be used as individual solutions (stand-alone). Each individual solution is available in different editions and can be expanded with standard extensions. This allows you to put together a system that is neither undersized nor oversized and that fits your requirements. If you have requirements that are not covered by the standard functional scope, otris consulting will customise your solution. Thanks to the open architecture of the software, adaptations are easy to implement – from simple data field adaptations to complex interfaces to third-party systems.

Scalability. Uncomplicatedly expandable.

Companies usually need a different number of user accounts for the different specialised solutions. You are free to choose how many accounts you create for which specialised solution. In SaaS operation, user accounts can also be terminated at any time.

On-Premises or cloud. Form of operation selectable.

For all specialised solutions, you can use the software both in the cloud and on-premises. With the on-premises version, you use your company’s own IT infrastructure to operate the system. With the cloud variant, you use servers of a secure data centre (location: Germany). In both cases, you access the software via a web browser.

„otris is a digitalisation partner with whom we masterfully meet the challenges of international compliance management.“

Markus Hartmann
Compliance Manager and Project Manager within the Legal & Compliance Business Unit at Mast-Jägermeister SE

A reliable team: your sense of responsibility and our software

Structure and overview are basic requirements for the implementation of a legally compliant compliance organisation. Communicating the growing number of laws, procedures and guidelines, monitoring compliance, detecting violations and organising appropriate measures quickly becomes a complex undertaking in medium-sized and large companies. otris compliance helps you to manage your company-wide compliance organisation.

By using the otris compliance SUITE, you use coordinated specialist solutions. The combined use supports the holistic approach in compliance management and helps you to fulfil your responsible tasks:

  • Managing due diligence obligations: The comprehensive requirements of the LkSG are a particular concern for larger companies. A dedicated solution in otris compliance SUITE supports you throughout the entire process: create a policy statement, map the procurement structure, assess/collect risks, record complaints, organise measures, create reports.
  • Ensure whistleblower protection: The HinSchG is a law that affects a large proportion of German companies. They must provide systems that protect the identity of a whistleblower. In addition, tips from employees and other stakeholders are indispensable when it comes to uncovering violations and taking timely countermeasures. The otris digital whistleblowing system is part of the Compliance Suite and is a straightforward, secure and compliant solution.
  • Control risks: Identifying compliance risks, assessing them and managing them with appropriate countermeasures and recurring controls is an essential CMS component. The otris compliance Suite provides a process-driven approach for this and supports you in the structured processing of risk analysis results.
  • Distribute information: Comprehensive document control functions enable you to control the creation, release and distribution of all guidelines accurately and company-wide. Employees thus receive exactly the documents that are relevant to them. This is a fundamental prerequisite for policy-compliant work and thus for the prevention of violations.
  • Documenting activities: Documentation is an important topic in compliance management. In many areas, regulatory requirements stipulate complete documentation. In addition, good documentation helps you in the event of a claim: if breaches occur, it is important that you can prove the implementation of your compliance measures. In addition to automated documentation functions, the software helps you with audit-proof archiving.

The otris compliance SUITE supports you not only in your operational work, but also in acting more economically. Processes that you define when setting up the system increase the efficiency of your compliance activities. Users are guided by the predefined workflows and can concentrate fully on their substantive tasks. This is not only more economical, but also reduces the error-proneness of a complex compliance organisation.

Simplify your responsibility for setting up and maintaining company-wide compliance management with otris compliance SUITE. The software establishes fixed compliance structures in your company. Once integrated into the existing software environment, the system helps you to future-proof the installation of a company-wide compliance management system. In addition, all specialist solutions can be used not only as individual solutions or in the suite, but can also be combined with all other otris solutions.

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