Ingenious: It takes the work out of contracts.

Software for contract management and administration minimizes risk and simplifies your process responsibility

Optimize your contract management processes with otris contract: you will gain full control over the life cycle of all your contracts. You can view all structures and responsibilities at a glance. You can evaluate contract data extensively and initiate controlling processes. otris contract can be quickly and easily adapted to meet your company’s requirements.

Contract management represents a complex task involving different business divisions, including the legal department, purchasing, executive management and controlling. It’s often the case that individual contracts are only processed and stored by the department responsible for each contract. As a result, key information such as the subject of the contract, duration and costs is not reliably available to all those responsible. Relationships between contracts either go undetected or are only identified in a limited way. The individual departments often operate based on different levels of knowledge, and conflicts and problems are almost inevitable. otris contract brings order and reliability into the contract management process.

otris contract, our software solution for contract management and administration, records all contracts including documents, information and attachments. You will have a firm grasp on complex contract approval workflows, with version and template control, compiled under centralized master contract files. otris contract is easy to use, clear and can be used on your own company server or as cloud software. All data is quickly available to all parties involved and the information status is kept consistently up-to-date. Deadlines, terminations or extensions are automatically monitored. The software supports you at every step, from compiling and preparing contracts through to deadline monitoring and audit-proof archiving, regardless of the sector involved.

All information at a glance
Upon installation of a customized dashboard and login, the user receives a compact overview of their contract range.
Complete transparency
The user can comfortably and simply navigate through folders and immediately get an initial overview of relevant information.
Consistent information status
All documents and information are quickly available in the central contract database.
A comprehensive authorization concept
A differentiated authorization and access concept for all database contents with clear rules and possible exceptions.

otris contract: Key features

User convenience.

All otris designs prioritize user convenience through a sophisticated software interface. Despite the system’s high complexity, navigating otris contract is easily learned. The outstanding user convenience minimizes the adjustment effort on the part of users and thus increases user acceptance after implementation. The web browser accommodates not only technical work with the system, but also complete administration as well as individual configuration of the program interface.

Centralized master contract file and master data management.

All contracts are stored in a centralized database and allocated to individual master contract files. Beside the contract itself, master contract files contain all related documents, versioning and correspondence. Each master contract file can be provided with deadlines, which are monitored by the system. The user is informed of an approaching due date. If the user does not react, otris contract triggers a pre-defined escalation workflow. Master contract files are linked to the master data index, which contains detailed information about contract partners and suppliers. Contracts can be supported by email reminder and template features in order to simplify processing.

Search function and full-text search feature.

Comprehensive search functions allow you to quickly and easily search for recorded information within the entire contents of the contract database. Using special forms, you can set exact search parameters or search for any desired terms in combination with contract criteria. On request, the contents of contract documents can be automatically indexed (OCR) during upload so that they are included in full-text searches. Recurring searches can be saved and executed again at any time with no effort at all.

Authorization & access.

otris contract integrates the entire contract database contents into a differentiated authorization and access concept with clear rules and possible exceptions. The implementation is consistently customized and can cover everything from a pragmatic approach to complex access control. With otris contract, you can design safe access to confidential contract documents.

Management. Organizations & companies.

Contract storage can also be carried out on the basis of organizational hierarchies and corporate structures. The allocation of contracts along the entire organizational structure of a company is not only a sound storage strategy; it also creates an authorization structure for visibility and access to all contracts in the contract database.

Installation & integration.

otris contract is a web-based application, so it doesn’t need to be installed on user workstations. The contract management system is platform-independent and easily integrated into your IT environment. Standardized interfaces enable seamless communication with existing systems. otris contract can be run on your company server or via our cloud. In addition to hosting your data, we can also handle the administration of your contract database.

Evaluations and reports.

otris contract features an integrated business intelligence solution. Any data from the contract database can be retrieved for individual evaluation, including all the financial assets or even data from other sources. The data can be grouped, consolidated and arranged as required. Contract evaluations can be displayed to match your corporate design and are available in common output formats. A wide variety of chart types helps to clearly visualize the results of any scenario. On request, all reports can be automatically generated on a regular basis and sent via e-mail. This transforms the contract database into an efficient management tool for all contract managers and the entire contract controlling process.

On-premises or cloud.

On-premises or cloud – you can freely choose which solution you´d like to use. On-premises means that otris contract is installed on a server at your business location. In the cloud solution, you access the servers of a secure data center and use the software from there. In both cases you use a web browser to work with the software.

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otris contract, our software for contract management, gives you full control of your contracts. Regardless of which industry you work in, you will receive support at every stage, from compiling and preparing contracts through to deadline monitoring and audit-proof archiving. We can easily implement custom solutions that match your company’s requirements.

Contract management with otris contract: clear overview and custom solutions

otris contract offers tangible support in your daily business – but how does it work? And how can the contract management software be customized to your specific wishes and requirements?

Contract life cycle
If you are the principal, otris contract helps you draw up contracts via the easy-to-use template system. If you are a contractor, prepared contracts are already available for use. In both cases, the documents need to be digitalized before they can be managed in otris contract. Optionally, the documents can be scanned and transferred into the system automatically. The responsible employee then files the digitalized contract in the relevant master contract file. The master contract file contains not only the contract, but also all additional related information (correspondence, notes, and documents). If the contract includes deadlines, these are entered into the master contract file, which activates the deadline monitoring function. The responsible employees are thus notified of an upcoming deadline in a timely manner. If a responsible user fails to react to the deadline reminder, an escalation workflow ensures that a pre-determined group of recipients is notified. A variety of functions, such as searching, resubmission, statistical analysis, and document control, are on hand to assist you during the active handling of any contract (i.e. invoicing, researching contract terms and conditions, negotiations, controlling, approval processes). You can archive all contracts in an audit-proof manner at the end of the contract life cycle using the optional archive component (certified through KPMG).

User administration
The software features independent user administration. Alternatively, the user’s login data and authorizations can be synchronized from a central directory service. This interface, such as for example the Microsoft Active Directory, makes it possible for the user to log in with their usual passwords. Moreover, the authorization concept can be administered centrally in the directory service by existing groups and departments (e.g. Contract Manager, IT or Purchasing Manager). Single sign-on support is provided.

E-mail functions
Contract-related e-mails and attachments, such as contract documents or amendments of existing contracts, can be forwarded directly from your e-mail program (e.g. Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes) and allocated to the digital contracts. E-mail contents as well as the attached files and documents are archived in the relevant master contract file to create a complete contract history including correspondence.

The described processing steps and related document control within the contract life cycle differ widely between companies. otris contract can be so flexibly configured that it maps the most complex corporate structures and almost any imaginable work process in contract management. During installation, the system adapts to the company’s terminology by default (e.g. designation of contract types and areas), and legacy data can later be uploaded as required. Any further customization requests can be specified in workshops and our consultants will implement them – whether you want to define a multi-tiered, decision-dependent contract approval process, map a digital contract signature, or simply verify information after contract data is recorded – you can clearly define all workflows pertaining to the management of your contracts. Complex workflows and processes are graphically modelled using a workflow designer (Microsoft Visio). You can access all contents and settings in the contract software for this purpose as well as the entire authorization structure. The function that sends individual contracts to user-definable recipients or departments allows you to forward all contracts through the company at all times in a flexible and targeted manner. Users can compile multi-level recipient lists with just a few mouse clicks via the convenient web interface.

„otris contract has helped Fujitsu to successfully centralize contract management within Purchasing.“

Karsten Buntrock
General Manager Global Sourcing at Fujitsu

We are simplifying your responsibility: security, overview, order and control

The certainty of having everything under control – otris contract gives you this security in contract management

Security. Automated appointment and deadline monitoring.
A service contract, which could otherwise be acquired at a lower cost, is unintentionally extended. An opportunity for re-negotiating has been missed.

otris contract gives you a sense of security in the contract controlling process through automated appointment and deadline monitoring. It will give you an overview of all your appointments and ensure that you meet all your contract deadlines. All events and opportunities relating to your contracts will be automatically monitored. Whether a contract is about to expire, a termination option can be exercised or a contract is due for renewal, otris contract, the software for contract management, informs the responsible users and departments in advance by e-mail, thereby actively safeguarding against unnecessary risks. Integrated escalation management ensures that appointments and deadlines are reliably monitored. Before a specified response time elapses, the recipient group is expanded in a targeted manner and sent e-mails. You also have the option to add addressees from other hierarchical levels.

Overview. Time and money.
An employee is looking for a contract, but cannot find it because it is saved on another employee’s local hard disk. This is as frustrating as it is time-consuming.

otris contract reduces information retrieval times through centralized data storage and extensive search and sorting functions. Employees now have more time to do their actual work, e.g. checking contract contents, negotiating, invoicing, researching contract terms and conditions, controlling. Updated and complete information from these areas forms the basis for correct decisions from a legal and business perspective.

Order. Recording and evaluation.
An audit is coming up. Comprehensive data related to accounts receivable and liabilities from existing contracts has to be compiled quickly and correctly. Do you have a complete overview at all times?

otris contract helps you understand – not just in case of external audits – which liabilities generate cash flow and/or revenue. All revenue and liabilities are recorded and directly attributed to the responsible contracts. Recurring payments are stored only once as a periodic stream of cash inflows and are automatically re-invoiced. Payments can be represented as graphs and tables, evaluated and transferred into Excel sheets. You can generate reports at the click of a button and quickly gain an overview of all the expenditures and income for the contracts on file. Monitor your adherence to budgets, create forecasts for future trends or calculate lists of open payables.

Control. Access and data protection.
A contract lands in the hands of an employee. The contract contains confidential information which is intended to be read only by company management and the HR department.
otris contract regulates access to different types of contracts and individual contracts through a nuanced authorization concept. You determine during system installation the tenets of this authorization concept. For example, the authorization of employees of a given department in management positions with write-only and/or read-only access to certain types of contracts, while additional contracts beyond their authorization level remain invisible to them. With otris contract, you can manage access not only for single companies, but also for the group-wide corporate structure with all its subsidiaries.

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