How do you keep track of your corporate documents?
27. April 2021

Corporate Housekeeping – because order is a must …

They still exist: the oral agreement or the agreement by handshake. In rare cases, this kind of "sealing" is enough for business partners. In most cases, however, written agreements govern the business world. With each business year, the stock of documents that a company has to manage grows. Company agreements, financing agreements, non-disclosure agreements or profit transfer agreements are the basis for agreements and must be reviewed and applied on an ongoing basis. But also the secure administration of documents without contractual character - such as committee minutes, business reports, statistics - is a prerequisite for a target-oriented and legally compliant business activity.

Solutions for clean business management

otris software AG is a recognised expert in digital data and document management. For 20 years, otris solutions have been helping companies to digitise. The ultimate goal: an increase in security for compliance-relevant business processes. These processes also include corporate housekeeping – or in other words: the monitoring and management of all relevant corporate documents.

Have you got an eye on your corporate documents?

Whether contracts or other corporate documents: to ensure profitable management, structure is crucial. In corporate groups, it is first important that documents are assigned to the correct company. Contract documents are additionally subdivided according to contract types as well as organisational units. In investment management, the structuring is more complex, as documents have to be assigned to further subcategories (e.g. annual reports, minutes, articles of association). To keep track of all documents, companies use otris know-how in a central corporate housekeeping solution for contract and investment management. Users who log on to the system can easily navigate to the document they are looking for: For example, if a committee member is looking for a specific protocol, he or she selects the desired company from the corporate organisation chart and then the area of participation management, then the committee and finally the protocol he or she is looking for.

When searching specifically for a contract, the user proceeds according to the same system and navigates to the “Contract Management” area after selecting the company. In order to quickly search through extensive document inventories, additional search and sort functions are available to the user.

With full authorisation, the user sees the whole picture and has access not only to the business documents, but also to all the company’s contractual relationships. To ensure the security of your sensitive data, you use an authorisation concept to determine which document types certain users or user groups have access to. In this way, you ensure that certain employees in the accounting department, for example, only see contract types that they need for auditing. The categories in which business documents are located are not displayed to these employees.

Corporate Housekeeping – more than an archive

The uncomplicated retrieval of documents through a structured filing system is essential but only one aspect of the management of contracts and business documents. The specialised solutions generate a high added value through the classification of a document in its context.

Especially in investment management, users benefit from a context-related view: a profit transfer agreement, for example, is in the same digital file as the current profit and loss statement. Or the articles of association in a file that also contains registers of share documents and share distribution. In this way, dynamic data such as business results can be easily compared with static document contents and checked for correctness. In addition to the business documents, the many liabilities of a company are recorded in the “day-to-day business contracts”. Maintenance, rent or the leasing of the vehicle fleet: contracts generate security but also obligations and must therefore be monitored continuously.

Business-critical master data and documents secure and findable

Corporate documents are among the most important documents in a company. They are the basis for business activities and must be available to the responsible employees in an up-to-date and complete form. Only through full transparency are employees able to make the right decisions – both in terms of business management as well as legal and compliance issues. Our solution generates transparency and organises the data and documents that are the basis of your business.

On our product pages otris contract and otris corporate we present the diverse special functions of the solutions for contract and participation management, which – depending on the requirements – are integrated into your corporate housekeeping solution.