Doppelmayr digitises
with the otris software

Everything with one solution: legal matter, participation and contract management

If you’re a skier, you’ve probably used them often: ropeways from Doppelmayr. The company has a market share of around 60% in the global ropeway construction sector. The technology leader with headquarters in Austria has also grown strongly through the integration of numerous holdings. Growth requires adapted processes – also in the administrative area: With an otris solution Doppelmayr digitalises the contract, participation and legal matter management.

Everything with one solution: legal matter, participation and contract management

Corporate housekeeping is the term used to describe the requirements that companies must fulfil in order to comply with commercial and company law. Exemplary tasks are the execution of commercial register applications, the organisation of shareholders’ meetings and the maintenance of the associated corporate documents. With each additional shareholding, the maintenance effort and the complexity of meeting the requirements of corporate housekeeping increase.

More than 70 companies
With more than 70 associated companies, Doppelmayr has a very broad investment portfolio and a correspondingly high workload in corporate housekeeping. Before the introduction of the special software, the responsible employees used a self-developed system for administration: the documents and information on each Doppelmayr holding were maintained in Windows folders, and the company diagram was updated manually.

„In particular, the combination option of contract and investment management with legal matter extension convinced us.“

Carola Bereuter
Finance & Legal Affairs, Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH

Arelated topics.
The consideration of how the legal department could expand digitalisation in investment management was followed by the question of whether there were other areas with potential for optimisation. After the consultations, those responsible agreed that additional processes in contract and legal matter management should also be digitalised: “Our main goal was to bring together several subject areas in one tool that not only serves as a filing location but also as a working tool and can be used throughout the group,” summarises Carola Bereuter, Finance & Legal Affairs at Doppelmayr.

A linkage that convinces.
After testing and evaluating various solutions, Doppelmayr opted for otris software. “In particular, the combination option of contract and participation management with legal matter extension as well as the differentiated authorisation and access concept convinced us,” explains Carola Bereuter. After the commissioning, due to the pandemic, all subsequent project steps could be carried out completely remotely. “This worked well, saved time and costs,” Carola Bereuter recalls, “even though a face-to-face workshop would certainly have benefited the project.”

In practice
The legal department currently uses the solution for two overarching tasks: Recording, maintenance and deadline monitoring of contracts and corporate documents as well as documentation of court proceedings.

“We get a lot of positive feedback,” says Carola Bereuter. “All users like the automated deadline warning, resubmission functions and the full-text search, which includes scans – regardless of whether they are doing tasks in legal matter, participation or contract management.” In addition, the legal department appreciates the retrospective function, which allows all changes in the shareholding structure to be tracked from any point in the past. Thanks to the customisable authorisation concept and individual design options for document categories, Doppelmayr has also succeeded in creating transparent documentation that provides every user with exactly the data and information they need for their work.

Outlook and conclusion.
Currently, only the legal department is using the newly introduced system. The roll-out to other departments (sales, marketing, customer service, etc.) should take place in the next few months. The expansion to other Group companies is already being planned so that as many responsible employees as possible benefit from the main advantages: Improved documentation, clear presentation of all areas with associated data and documents, Group-wide transparency. “We are very satisfied with the project,” Carola Bereuter sums up. “With the otris solution, we are now using a system that enables us to bring together different subject areas and simplify processes through intuitive handling and smart functions.”

About Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH.
As a quality, technology and market leader in ropeway construction, the Doppelmayr Group operates production sites as well as sales and service branches in 50 countries around the world. To date, the company has built over 15,400 ropeway systems for customers in 96 countries. With flexibility, know-how and pioneering spirit, the Group has risen to all challenges in traditional and new markets.

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