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External data protection with a professional tool: ecoprotec uses otris privacy

ecoprotec GmbH is a service provider for comprehensive operational safety. The company supports its customers in very different areas – from occupational safety to quality management. Digital tools help ecoprotec to continuously optimise the services it offers. For the support of data protection customers, ecoprotec uses otris privacy. The result: a central platform for communication, documentation and operational data protection work simplifies day-to-day business and administration.

External data protection with professional tools

ecoprotec serves approximately 250 customers in data protection. The high quality of service is also a result of the company’s self-image: reliability, open communication and a partnership-based relationship with the customer are among the core values. Another component that makes ecoprotec successful: a benefit-oriented digitisation strategy.

Before the introduction of the special software otris privacy, the company used a self-developed system to set up and maintain data protection organisations for clients. As the number of clients increased, so did the effort required to maintain an overview.

“All the information about a client was not in one central place, but distributed depending on the content: Correspondence in the email system, offers in the CRM and the data protection documentation in the client file,” explains Mario Thiele, technical manager in the data protection division.

otris privacy as a central system.
Following the introduction of otris privacy, all data and documents for each mandate are now stored in a central system. This not only creates transparency, but also improves the efficiency of processing procedures. “otris privacy helps us to create a data protection organisation for each client that functions according to established processes and still maps company-specific features,” says Mario Thiele.

„otris privacy helps us to create a data protection organisation for each client that works according to established procedures.“

Mario Thiele
Technical Manager in the Data Protection Division at der ecoprotec GmbH

Of great importance: communication.
Every organisation that ecoprotec supports in data protection is unique. In order to develop an optimal, individual data protection concept, personal exchange is of central importance. “Preferably on site and in direct contact,” as Mario Thiele emphasises. “However, Corona has made on-site appointments impossible in many cases. With otris privacy, we have a technical tool that simplifies communication with our customers.”

ecoprotec uses add-on modules such as the reporting and updating workflow to make it as convenient as possible for clients to provide information. Without intermediate e-mail communication, the client can fill out a web form to describe processing operations in a data protection-compliant manner. The external data protection officer evaluates the processing, adds it to the directory or links measures with a click, asks questions and sets up resubmission deadlines if necessary. “The system complements our communication with the customer and simplifies the tracking of our activities. Both from the customer’s perspective and for us as external data protection officers, the procedure is efficient, uncomplicated and leads to more transparency,” says Patrick Borkowski, Head of Data Protection and Quality Management.

Safeguarding service quality.
otris privacy not only optimises communication and organisation. Operational work also becomes more efficient: The structures of entire data protection organisations can be duplicated and adapted for a new client with just a few clicks.

“By adopting structures that have already been recorded, we are not only faster, but also ensure the quality of our service: we map our data protection know-how in otris privacy by standardising proven processes with the software,” explains Patrick Borkowski.

Process according to a proven pattern.
The implementation of individual data protection checks (e.g. website check, maturity analysis, AV contracts, etc.) thus follows a proven pattern. The large pool of checklists and forms that ecoprotec has stored as templates in otris privacy helps data protection officers in their work: processing operations can be checked immediately for data protection compliance. The linking of measures after the check makes the current data protection status transparent: “The overview of measures is a living document that shows the client where there are still construction sites. Through the continuous updating, however, one also sees the progress in company-wide data protection,” says Mario Thiele.

Administration and management
In addition to operational data protection work, ecoprotec uses otris privacy for administrative tasks. The external DPOs manage all documents concerning a client with the software – from the appointment document to meeting minutes. In addition, otris privacy supports controlling: “With the software, we can track the work we have done for clients. Clear reports help us to keep an eye on profitability when planning and offering our services,” explains Mario Thiele.

External data protection with professional tools

About ecoprotec
The ecoprotec GmbH is an owner-managed company with over 120 employees (of which approx. 20 are in the data protection team) at 9 locations in Germany. Its speciality is comprehensive operational security, in which the company assists its customers throughout Europe in meeting legal and normative requirements. ecoprotec focuses on the highest quality in all areas and offers a comprehensive mix of services through experienced, interdisciplinarily trained employees, which securely supports and relieves customers.

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