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Whistleblower protection across the group: ALPLA Group chooses otris software

The ALPLA Group’s innovative recycling solutions help to keep plastics in the material cycle worldwide. With more than 23,000 employees and 190 branches in 46 countries, the company is a global player. ALPLA uses otris software solutions to implement internal and external compliance requirements. Group capability, multilingualism and ease of use were important criteria in the selection process.

Whistleblower protection across the group: ALPLA Group chooses otris software

International standards – legally compliant solution
In Austria, the Whistleblower Protection Act (HSchG) passed the Federal Council on 16 February this year and thus came into force. For ALPLA, it was already clear in the run-up to the legal decision that the group would not want to do without the advantages of a digital whistleblowing system in order to meet internal as well as external compliance requirements. After researching the market, the company opted for the otris whistleblowing system. “Particularly important for us are compliance with the EU Whistleblower Directive in terms of anonymity, compliance of workflows, adherence to deadlines and user-friendliness: otris was able to convince us,” Christian Sparl, Head of Legal at the ALPLA Group, explains the decision. Furthermore, the solution scored with an optimal price-performance ratio.

Operation in the otris cloud – a solution with a future
The integration of the software into the existing IT architecture was straightforward: Operation in the otris cloud enabled rapid company-wide deployment of the application. After a few adjustments, the system was ready for operation and accessible to whistleblowers via a link on the ALPLA website. “We are now waiting to see what requirements we will have to meet, especially in the international context, but we believe that otris whistleblowing is the best way to meet them,” says Christian Sparl, looking to the future with a relaxed attitude.

„With otris, we have a reliable and trustworthy partner at our side for the implementation of compliance requirements.“

Christian Sparl
Head of Legal, ALPLA Gruppe

Anonymity and multilingualism
ALPLA attaches particular importance to the possibility for whistleblowers to submit their reports anonymously. “Of course, we also treat non-anonymous reports with the utmost care and confidentiality. But an anonymous reporting channel considerably increases acceptance among the reporters and we can reach people much more easily who point out particularly important facts,” explains Christian Sparl. The possibility of submitting reports in many different languages is also a high priority for the globally active group.

Holistic compliance management with otris compliance SUITE
Prevention, education and the organisation of measures play a decisive role in compliance management at the ALPLA Group. The whistleblowing system is an important component in this context in order to raise potential for improvement, to comply with legal documentation requirements and to avoid damage to the company’s reputation. Compliance with legal requirements and the standards set by the company itself are also the focus of the current otris project: ALPLA is optimising risk and policy management with the specialist solutions otris risk and otris policy. Christian Sparl is looking forward to further cooperation and sums up: “With otris software AG, we have a reliable and trustworthy partner for the implementation of compliance requirements at our side”.

About ALPLA Group
The ALPLA Group produces innovative packaging systems, bottles, closures and injection moulded parts for a wide range of industries. State-of-the-art technologies as well as the knowledge and commitment of the 23,300 employees in the 190 locations worldwide distinguish the company and its products. Sustainability and the climate-friendly use of resources are the foundations of the company’s business activities. With many years of experience in recycling and its own recycling plants, ALPLA helps to ensure that plastics remain in the material cycle.

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