otris software
Simplifies responsibility

Digital Compliance

otris software supports companies in the digitalisation of compliance-relevant processes. All otris specialist solutions work according to a tried and tested system: at the centre are digital files that structure processes and documents. 

On this foundation, otris develops specialist solutions that companies use for a wide range of tasks: from standardised administrative processes to mapping and controlling complex compliance organisations. Goals that companies achieve with otris software:

Digital compliance

Risk minimisation

Transparent factual situation. Automated
checks and warnings.

Digital compliance

Legal certainty

Control processes in a legally compliant manner. Archive documents in an audit-proof manner

Digital compliance


Quick information research. Automated documentation. Location-independent work.

Proven platforms, future-proof solutions

otris solutions are based on technology platforms developed in-house. The more than 5,000 actively used installations of the Documents platform underline the stability and sustainability of the technology. Continuous further development and adaptability to third-party systems make otris solutions fit for the future.


Advantages through linking

The individual otris specialist solutions can be linked to each other. Companies use the link to make digitisation easier and more efficient.

Operating several specialised solutions “under one roof” simplifies administration. The rights and roles of the user accounts only have to be created and maintained for a central system. An advantage from the user’s point of view: it is easier to learn how to use the system if the different specialised solutions work according to the same basic concept. And last but not least, the linking of contents improves effectiveness: files of different specialised solutions that refer to each other make processes clear to the user in the overall context.

Example: Contracts from the operative business, which are in the contract management solution, can be linked to files and documents from the investment management solution. The user understands connections and the context of transactions – a gain in information that helps to make well-founded decisions.

The otris SUITEN with their specialist solutions – at a glance

Digital compliance

The otris compliance SUITE simplifies the management of compliance-relevant corporate processes and decisions on the basis of transparent information.

Digital compliance

The otris legal SUITE simplifies the understanding of the overall context by linking legal specialist solutions.

Digital compliance

The otris privacy SUITE simplifies the inventory and optimisation of operational data protection and information security management.

About otris software AG

otris develops software that simplifies the management of compliance-relevant business processes. The specialist solutions accelerate work processes and generate security through a transparent data and document inventory.
otris combines development and consulting expertise: adaptations, process integrations and interfaces transform otris standard solutions into individual software.

The main focus of otris development is on software products for contract, participation, compliance and data protection management as well as an open digital file solution with ready-made specialist editions. The solutions are based on the JANUS and DOCUMENTS platforms developed in-house, which otris also offers to selected partner companies as OEM software.

The guiding principle of otris software development is to create sophisticated technology that is easy to use, reduces complexity and thereby simplifies management responsibility.
otris software AG serves both medium-sized companies and large corporations throughout Europe.