Meeting the requirements in contract management

Which contract management edition fits your requirements?

In order to provide you with the solution that optimally fits your company-specific requirements, we offer a choice of three editions as well as functional extensions.

Editions & Extensions

You are looking for a contract management software with which you:

  • get started quickly
  • avoid large initial investments
  • not tie up in-house IT resources

The otris contract CLOUD edition is a fully comprehensive contract management solution that we offer exclusively as SaaS for rent. After a short setup, the system is immediately available to you as an easily scalable cloud solution.

Editions & Extensions

You are looking for a contract management software with which you:

  • connect existing systems (e.g. master data debtors/creditors from ERP)
  • Map authorisation structures depending on company units and document categories
  • Implement configurations (e.g. additional fields or additional contract types)

The otris contract ENTERPRISE edition is the freely configurable, interface-capable variant of our contract management solution. Operation is possible both in the private cloud and on-premises (operation on servers at your company location).

Editions & Extensions

You are looking for a contract management software with which you:

  • connect existing systems (e.g. master data debtors/creditors from ERP)
  • Integrate corporate structures (e.g. authorisations) and work processes (e.g. contract approval process)
  • implement customisations (e.g. company-specific BI reports)
  • Integrate customisable digital files

The otris contract ENTERPRISE plus edition is our customisable, interface-capable contract management solution with open workflow functionality. It can be operated both in the private cloud and on-premises (operation on servers at your company location).

„The overall package of user-friendliness, requirements coverage and costs fits with otris contract.“

Claudia Röthel
Legal Department, SOLDAN Holding + Bonbonspezialitäten GmbH

Extensions for contract management

With technical extensions you can adapt otris contract to your requirements in addition to selecting an edition. The extensions can be combined with the ENTERPRISE and ENTERPRISE plus editions.

APP EXTENSION. Mobile contract management.

The APP EXTENSION extension makes the myContract app configurable and unlocks the full range of functions for mobile contract management. In addition to the advantage of transferring documents and processes that can be used offline to your mobile device, you also benefit from the possibility of carrying out actions: Approvals, forwardings or comments can be made with the app. Preconfigured, the app maps a classic usage scenario in contract management. Adjustments, extensions or changes to the pre-configured functions and authorisation structures can be made independently in the admin area without any programming knowledge.

CHRONIC. Audit-proof archive.

The CHRONIK module enables audit-proof archiving and chronological snapshots of contracts for a transparent contract history. Various contract statuses including the associated documents, attachments, file notes, memos or e-mails are “frozen”.

The archive component is certified by KPMG according to IDW PS 880 and fulfils the requirements of commercial and tax law. These include the principles of proper accounting (GoB), the principles of proper IT-supported accounting systems (GoBS), the principles of data access and verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU) and the Federal Data Protection Act. An authorisation concept for active archiving and access to archived contracts can be set up individually. Through the use of open interfaces, the expansion to a comprehensive archive can also be advanced for the data of third-party solutions. Communication with third-party solutions can take place either at the push of a button, through actions in workflows or automatically – for example, controlled by a predefined status change.

CONNECTOR. Interface management.

The CRM / ERP connector is a uni- or bidirectional interface between CRM / ERP systems and otris contract. On the one hand, the interface is used to transfer business or contract partner data from a CRM or ERP to otris contract. In the opposite direction, otris contract-specific information is transferred into the system as link references. In addition to this special connector, the software can be connected to any other third-party system. The otris contract architecture ensures uncomplicated integration into your existing IT infrastructure.

DOCUMENT CREATOR. Template and clause library.

The DOCUMENT CREATOR combines a template library with a clause library and supports you in creating contracts. The creation of contract templates is simplified by the fact that the contract designer generates a template in the predefined corporate design by simply selecting the desired clauses. The drafting of a contract is simplified by the contract creator entering the required parameters for the selected template (e.g. term, contract sum, subject matter of the contract), which are then inserted by the system in the right place in the draft contract. In this way, even employees without legal training can create legally secure contracts. The system automatically documents which clauses were used in which contract.

IFRS16 EXTENDED. Detailed basis of accounting.

With the IFRS 16 EXTENDED extension, otris contract provides all data and information required for the recording and valuation of assets and the calculation of accounting data. Contracts are monitored for changes and automatically submitted for revaluation. The contracts can be transferred to a downstream accounting system (e.g. AMANA GmbH’s Global Lease Center) via export file or web service.

FACTORY. Automatic import.

FACTORY is a server module for the automatic import of e-mails, database content or files from the file system into otris contract. The imported data and documents supplement the contract management data and provide complete, uniform and up-to-date information. The contract management software otris contract not only manages contracts, but also important master data on business partners, suppliers and associated companies and their contact persons. This data, which is often available in other applications, can be regularly imported automatically into the contract database of otris contract and compared with existing contract data. For example, you can record the addresses of all contract partners centrally in your accounting software, ERP system or CRM solution and use them in the contract database conveniently and without input effort. Your contract data is therefore always up to date and unique throughout the company.

LEGAL-TECH. IP, matter and claim management.

The LEGAL-TECH extensions add professionalism to otris contract. There are three different file concepts to choose from: With the IP management extension you manage your intellectual property rights, with the matter management extension you administer ongoing and completed legal processes and with the claim management extension you organise your claim management.

OCR. Comprehensive text recognition.

Existing contracts in digital form (e.g. as PDF or TIFF files) can be added to the contract database files via a monitored drive or folder. To do this, you place your existing contract files in a directory of your choice. The contract management software otris contract retrieves them from there at regular intervals and assigns the files to the contract files. Subsequent text recognition (OCR) applied to the document contents in the contract archive facilitates the search for contracts and contract terms in the database. All in all, you can quickly and easily achieve audit-proof archiving of all existing contracts and contract documents and have all files available even if the originals are lost.

When scanning contracts, otris contract supports a wide range of scenarios. You can scan directly “into the contract file” at the individual workstation or decide at the department’s multifunctional device whether the scanned contract is to be sent by e-mail to contract management or imported via a folder filing system – with subsequent text recognition (OCR). The scanned contracts are assigned to the digital contract files and archived in an audit-proof manner. At the same time, you provide all users with an up-to-date and uniform contract version – paper copies of the contracts are no longer necessary.

OFFICE. E-mail functions and office integration.

Document and archive all contract correspondence easily and directly from Microsoft Outlook or other Microsoft Office applications. A plug-in connects Microsoft applications with the otris contract installation. Via the plugin, you select contract files to which you want to assign e-mails, for example. Regardless of whether you select a single e-mail or several messages – otris contract breaks down the contents (text, subject, sender, attachments) and arranges them in the structure of the digital contract file. The result: a seamless contract history with complete correspondence. In the same way, you can access the contract database from Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel and send documents to the target contract file without having to open otris contract.

The Office integration works bidirectionally. This means that you can use the plug-in not only to transfer data from the Office application to otris contract, but also from otris contract to the Office application. Example: You want to attach a document stored in otris contract to an e-mail you compose in Microsoft Outlook. Via the plug-in you access otris contract from Microsoft Outlook to select the respective document and attach it to the e-mail. With the additional desktop component, you can import files from your drives to otris contract by dragging and dropping.

RISK ASSESSMENT. Identify and assess contract risks.

The RISK ASSESSMENT extension supports you in identifying and assessing risks arising from contractual relationships. Identification and assessment are carried out via standardised questionnaires that are linked to contracts or contractual partners. After the user has filled out the question catalogue, the system determines the risk category based on the parameters entered. The results are visualised by traffic light symbols and are thus quickly ascertainable. Both the concluded contract portfolio and contracts under negotiation can be assessed with the RISK ASSESSMENT extension.

SIGNATURE. Digital contract signing.

The SIGNATURE interface enables documents to be digitally signed in otris contract according to the respective procedure of the connected signature platform (e.g. DocuSign, FP Sign).

Combine contract management with investment management

otris contract is not limited to a pure administration of contracts of the operative business. With our otris corporate LCM edition, you can also organise your corporate housekeeping: from the administration of company-relevant contracts to the archiving and dispatch of supervisory board minutes to the organisation of committee meetings.

All information is clearly structured, easy to find and stored in an audit-proof manner – on your company server or in the cloud. The solution not only improves transparency in document management. The company’s development also becomes easily comprehensible: .

The system shows you the status of the participation structure at any point in time in the past, with all associated information, after entering the respective date.

You can find more information on our corporate housekeeping solution in our technical text.

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