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Which investment management edition fits your requirements?

In order to provide you with the solution that optimally fits your company-specific requirements, we offer a choice of three editions that build on each other, as well as functional extensions.

Editions & Extensions

You are looking for a software with which you:

  • Manage participations, committees and mandates clearly
  • create reports
  • trace the historical development of shareholdings

The otris corporate ENTERPRISE Edition is the best practice variant of our investment management solution. You can adapt the solution to your participation structure and user rights via the configuration during system set-up.

Editions & Extensions

You are looking for software with which you can:

  • Manage shareholdings, committees and mandates clearly
  • Specify your company’s own work processes in investment management
  • Create reports according to company-specific specifications (e.g. K3 reporting)
  • Trace the historical course of the investment development

The otris corporate ENTERPRISE plus edition is the freely configurable variant of our investment management solution. We adapt the system to your company-specific processes and report formats. If required, we expand the solution with additional digital files according to your technical specifications.

Editions & Extensions

Are you looking for software that you can use for investment management and additionally for contract management?

The otris corporate LCM Edition combines the two solutions otris corporate (investment management) and otris contract (contract management). The combination enables group-wide corporate housekeeping. All company-relevant documents and their linking in a central system simplify a 360-degree view of every transaction.

On-Premises or in the Cloud.
We offer all otris corporate editions as an on-premises variant (operation on servers at your company location) and as a variant in the otris private cloud (server location: Germany; dedicated instance).

„What we like about otris corporate is how easy it is to use. This means that all authorised employees can use the system.“

Tanja Nieswandt
Legal Officer at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa GmbH

Expansion for investment management

With technical extensions you adapt otris corporate to your requirements in addition to selecting an edition. All extensions are compatible with each of the three editions.

APP EXTENSION. Mobile investment management.

The APP EXTENSION extension makes the myCorporate app configurable and unlocks the full range of functions for mobile investment management. In addition to the advantage of transferring documents and processes that can be used offline to your mobile device, you also benefit from the possibility of carrying out actions: Approvals, forwardings or comments can be made with the app. The app is pre-configured to represent a classic usage scenario in investment management. Adaptations, extensions or changes to the pre-configured functions and authorisation structures can be made independently in the admin area without any programming knowledge.

CONNECTOR. Interface management. (unidirectional)

The ERP connector retrieves company, debtor or creditor data from an ERP system and creates it in otris corporate as required.

FACTORY. Automatic import.

The FACTORY is a server module for the automatic import of e-mails, database content or files into otris corporate. Data from other applications (e.g. from ERP/CRM systems) or devices (e.g. departmental scanners) can be assigned to digital files in otris corporate. The FACTORY updates existing data or creates new ones. The receipt of e-mails from predefined senders is monitored in order to automatically import messages including attachments into the corresponding files. Database contents of other systems can update the files in otris corporate (e.g. companies) via an ODBC interface. Folders from filing structures can be monitored with FACTORY and new files can be assigned to the files.

OFFICE. Office Integration.

Transfer e-mail correspondence or Office documents directly from the Microsoft Office application to otris corporate. You select the company file via a plug-in that connects the Microsoft application with otris corporate. The contents (text, subject, sender, attachments) are automatically inserted by otris corporate into the structure of the digital company file. The result: a seamless history with complete correspondence. With the plug-in, you can not only transfer data from the Office application to otris corporate, but also from otris corporate to the Office application.

OCR. Extensive text recognition.

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